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Prasanthi Nilayam PG students offer their gratitude


Prasanthi Nilayam PG students offer their gratitude


Passing out students of MSc, MA, MBA and MPhil offered their gratitude to Bhagawan this evening with a variety programme including talks, songs, instrumentals, poetry and dances. The only achievement that the students strive for, they said, is to see a smile on their Master’s face and commenced the programme with that very objective.


Prasanthi Nilayam PG students offer their gratitude


The group christened “Shaurya” by Bhagawan way back in their undergraduate days was multi-talented and utilised the opportunity to display the various facets of their talent with the sole objective of making Bhagawan happy.

The programme included  an audio clipping of Bhagawan where He speaks about students and Hostel life. The students concluded the programme with the song, ‘Humko Tumse Pyar Kitna’.


Prasanthi Nilayam PG students offer their gratitude


All the outgoing students were presented with mementos as gifts from Bhagawan. Being Sunday the days proceedings was brought to a close with a Bhajan sung in the sweet voice of Bhagawan, ‘Subramaniam Subramaniam’.



Offering Of Gratitude by Students...

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Offering gratitude, passing out batches of students from Sri Sathya Sai Mirpuri College of Music and undergraduate students from SSSIHL, Prasanthi Nilayam Campus presented a Musical Offering interspersed with words of love n’ gratitude this evening in Prasanthi Nilayam in the Divine Presence of Beloved Bhagawan.


Offering Of Gratitude by Students…


When hearts full of love for Swami, that are filled and fulfilled by His touch of Love n’ Grace, spilled over the evening turned out to be a fragrant one with the love for The Mother with thousand mother’s love engulfing the entire Sai Kulwant Hall. One after one as these grateful students poured their hearts out, in vernacular, their feelings blossomed in the form of songs, verses, poems and wonderful tales of love n’ grace. A scintillating Jhugalbandhi involving nine musical instruments was the highlight of the evening.


Offering Of Gratitude by Students…


At the end of the programme special mementos were given to the entire batch of students. Bhajans continued for some time and ended with Thursday Special, “Rama Kodannda Rama…” in Bhagawan’s voice.

Mangala Arathi was offered at 1845 hrs.