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"Whatever creature comes to you, human or otherwise, treat it with consideration."


Experiences of Devotees




In 1986 I was in the US for the first time. I was enrolled in the Florida State University in Tallahassee as a masters' student and my apartment was very close to the campus. The only companion I had was a big paper picture of baba hanging on my bedroom wall .One Saturday I finished my long assignment , went through it several times and made corrections as needed. I thought that it was okay and ready to be submitted. The last date to submit the assignment was coming Monday before 4 in the afternoon. and I had completed it on Saturday night. Before going to bed I offered the hand written assignment to my Beloved Sai and went to sleep.

I had a strange dream that night. Baba took me through the pages of the assignment and showed me the errors .The dream was so vivid that He showed me each paragraph and line where I had made mistakes and miscalculation.

Sunday morning I opened the written assignment again and went through each and every paragraph Baba had showed me the other night. Tears rolled down my eyes. Oh! there were so many mistakes in the assignment and even after going through it several times I could not figure out them. Baba was watching all this from within and as I was ready to submit it soon, He had to guide me and show me the way to success.

I had a whole day on Sunday to make corrections and finalize the paper, with Baba in my mind I did it and submitted it on Monday well before the dead line. You will be surprised to know that (though Asian) I was the only student who was able to get the highest mark in that subject.. Of course, I offered the marks to my Baba. I am very grateful to my Sai because it is He who takes care of every thing in my life. Thank You Baba, thank You so much..



Dear Readers,

Believe it or not the Great Miracles of SaiBaba

It was on Thursday Sept.03 1998, I happened to go for the Vehicle Driving Test without schedule with my Driving School Instructor who had called up to me and try for the standby. I was given the date for the exam in the last week of October. To my surprise, without taking the driving course for the exam I went along with him to the Driving Test office and inquired if I stood any chance for appearing the test to-day. The lady on the desk immediately responded to my request and asked me to pay the necessary charges for the driving test and be on the standby for that day.

It was unbelievable for me that I would be given a chance on that day as there is always a waiting list for months in advance. However, I paid the amount and another surprise is that the lady who had filled the driving test form wrote that I would be given G2 test at once which I had not gone through it prior to giving the road test. My driving instructor wished me good luck and said that I will have a tough test because there are two instructors sitting in my car instead of normally one. I did Pray to my Lord Saibaba earnestly this time that if I fail then I could not afford to give the test once again as He knows that I am already passing through the great stress and hardship.

I am always in the habit of carrying the Lord Saibaba's locket in my wallet. I took out the Lord Saibaba locket and put it in my shirt pocket. The driving inspectors asked me if I am ready for the test. I said once again to myself and Prayed to the Lord before starting the engine. "O Lord Please Help me to pass this exam". I started the car and inspectors gave me the instructions while driving. At one instance I made a mistake, I thought to myself that I have failed once again. Finally the driving test is completed and the inspectors are holding the discussions among themselves of my result.

To my shock and surprise, the driving inspectors said although I made a mistake 'You have passed the exam'. My happiness knew no bounds . The Lord truly heard my prayers. Thanks to Lord Saibaba for the first stepping stone of success.

Ravinder Thota



I would like to share with you an incidence that happened to our Group this day. I belong to Southern Highlands Sai Group. We all went to a Sai Devotees place at Canyonleigh. There wasn't much of the Sacred Ash. when the time came for everyone to dip into the Ash it was full (not the grey Ash that originally was in the container) but this time it was white. It was great for me, as the others are all followers of Sai Baba. I go because I like their company and I have an open mind, as he was in a Dream I had.

Dorothy Wells




Sai Sampathnath, Pamidighantam
Columbus, Ohio, USA

It is since long that I want to write about my experiences and encounters with Baba. It started with miracles, but now I am no longer interested in them but for the feeling of His presence.

I was a non-believer of God, frustrated to the core because of failures in my life one by one. Though termed as intelligent guy and Engineering degree with good ranking, personal failures, job in Public sector and lost opportunities for higher education made me a nervous wreck. I get respite only when I am with a couple of friends or mother.

During this time after four and half years I got a break to work on the field I am interested in - LAN administration, reporting to Executive Director of the company and then to Chairman. I have learnt a lot during this period, were engaged to a girl on one fine Thursday. I got married to Subhadra on Thursday, 8 Jun 1995. I have passed all my CNE papers, final paper on another Thursday in Jan 1995. I was not sure of God at that time.

It all started during 1996 January. Mother and father were staying with me in Bangalore. Subhadra was 5 months pregnant. Immediately after Sankranti, after my brotherís family left back to Hyderabad, mother and Subhadra observed some strange marks in a small Saibabaís photograph which my earlier roommate had left in our house. They are oily, and Subhadra thought they might have fallen while mother was doing prayers. Our neighbors next day reported to mother that they saw few drops of honey flowing from Shirdi Sai Babaís photo in their house. Mother was skeptical that such incidents were not heard about Shirdi Baba. To our utter surprise the next day, we have observed that the marks on our Saibabaís photo actually tasted like honey. I started checking all the photographs at home. I found the same on the other Saibaba photograph that was bigger in size. The flow of honey started at the same spot in each of those photos - from the center of His raised hand, mouth and from turban. My inquisitiveness and the scientific mind made me to experiment. I kept my photograph next to Babaís, and cleaned both of them. Both of them had a similar smooth surface, so any deposits on them should be same in nature. The result concluded that I am not God.

The honey flow started to increase day by day. Now it started from other Godsí pictures, photos, and sculpture of any material, and inside the books. It appeared in 5 min to 2 hours on any material having impression of any God even those brought by any outsiders into our house. Sweet smells and scents of incense started, in both office and house. I was horrified. Mother, one day narrated that she heard knock on door, but when she went there, no body was there. However, when he came to other corner of the house two persons, wearing flowing Kashaya robes were moving out from the compound. One of them was very tall, turned back and waved towards her.

Now, it is known to us that Baba is behind us, showing his presence, may be wants to get something done from us. But from whom ? Why he chosen us? In fact who among us : Me, Subhadra, Mother, Father or little Pranav who is still in his motherís womb.

It is not Subhadra. She left to our in-laws house in Hyderabad for delivery. Babaís sweet presence is still felt through honey everyday. On Mahasivaratri day mother went to Mysore to have darshan of Sri Ganapati Sachchidanda Swami. She left early in the morning, the whole day there was no honey flow. She came back around 11:30, brought a small Dattatreya idol and kept it on TV. As she was tired, had little buttermilk and went to Bed. I deciding to stay awake on Sivaratri day, was watching TV. Suddenly I observed that the honey is flowing from Dattatreya idol spoiling the cloth on the TV, placed it in a small plate and it filled the plate in no time. Now we are having another problem. People started coming to our house anytime they like to see this miracles. Motherís concentration is disturbing. Even our Director finance, GMs started coming to our house. One way it was entertaining, but I started fearing for consequences. Even at this point I do not know much about Baba, his preaching and ways to pray. I used to simply sit before Him, stare at Him, and ask Him to give strength to help others as much as I can. Mother is growing spiritually, telling different experiences and miracles each day. Now I know it is mother, whose heart is filled with His name, singing and writing poems and songs, who can enlighten all of us in family. I have decided to give full support to her, giving anything she wants, providing right atmosphere to her. Her only fear now is that Baba may leave her after Ramanavami day (I do not know why!)


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