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Shri Ramakrishna G. Kothare was born in 1908. His caste was Pathare Prabhu. His father and mother first came to Shirdi in 1911 and they were worshipping the oil paint Photo of Baba (Dwarakamayee Posture). They used to go to Shirdi at least twice a year.

Baba used to give Aashirwad to His devotees with Udi by standing at the rails of Dwarakamayee by wearing violet colour edged Peethambaram. He saw this. He loved Baba sincerely. His family was full of Sai devotion. After his first visit in 1911, they started with a group of bhajan and Arati performed there daily which was called as Sai Laj. His father fell sick with phenomena in 1913 and it became quite serious. One Dr. Naik treated him said that his case is serious and got no belief in survival. His mother made a vow to Baba that if her husband cured from death bed, she would come to Shirdi by walk and take darshan of Baba. Besides this, the people of Sai Laj came and did bhajan in the name of Baba before the patient. His uncle also came with his bhajan Mandali and did bhajan and cold to his sister that his brother-in-law would not die on phenomena. Doctor Naik came ac 10-00 P.M. and given an injection co the patient and told to all that the patient will live only upto 12 O' clock midnight. Bhagwat Geeta read out to the patient to hear it. After 11 P.M. the patient began to suffocate and felt hard to breathe. At this time, patient's wife wailed like any­thing and bawled out "Baba save my husband”. The suffocation lasted till 1 A. M. They told the situation to the doctor. The doctor came and examined the patient and gave one injection and told that crisis were over and now the patient*s status was within his look­out. All the Bhajan went on till 4 AM and all of them told the patient's wife, that Baba has yielded her requ­est and that she should be ready for Shirdi trip on foot. From that time patient improved day by day and cured completely in few months. As per the vow of the patient's wife, patient, patient's  wife    and   the

bhajan Mandal came on foot upto Kopergaon. From Kopergaon all came in 5 carts to Shirdi whereas patie­nt's wife alone followed the cart on foot up to SHIRDI as per her vow. She came to some distance in an uneven stony and thorny way and felt uneasy with swollen legs and sat below a tree. A man with white beard in shepherd dress straight away came to her and told her that her vow had been accepted by Baba and that there was no harm in getting into the cart and go over to Shirdi. But she did not accept and came away by foot along upto Shirdi. At that time Baba asked Jog to stop the Arati for a little time. In the mean­while all came to Arati. Baba told to Nanasaheb that I met her on the way and told her to come in cart. But she refused and came by foot. See how her legs, were! They will be alright by the evening. They all stayed at Shirdi and gone to their homes with Baba's permission safe and sound.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely !   Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there ! !


Shri laxman Abaji Avare, Thajanpur Chthedi near Sinner, Nasik district was suffering from eye pain and water began to ooze from the eyes for about six mon­ths. His Eye sight has gone even though medicines were tried. Some one had advised him to go to Shirdi for permanent cure. He came to Shirdi with his mot­her for Baba's darshan on a Thursday. At that time slabs have been fixed in the "Sabha Mantap" of Dwara-kamayee. Son and mother took Baba's darshan. Baba gave them udi and blessed them by saying "Allah Acha Karega" They have gone to their home. Afterwards the pain and the water in the eyes have been ceased. From that time onwards they used to come to Shirdi on every Thursday for Baba's darshan. Likewise they came to Shirdi for six months. The villagers have insisted his mother and sent him to J. J, Hospital, Bombay for treatment. At the time when they prepa­red to go to Bombay his body became more or like with burning sensation. Without minding that they have gone to Bombay. There an English expert doctor exa­mined his eyes and told that the eyes have been spoiled and that the eye sight was however not possible. They returned to the village and determined whether eyesight comes or not, they have to stay with Baba. Thus they stayed at Shirdi for sometime. His mother after some days left him alone in SHIRDI and gone to the village. He stayed in Shirdi with firm belief in Baba. He used to wash his eyes with the face washing water of Baba in the morning. After doing this for one month, all on a sudden, his eye sight came. When he took Baba's darshan in Chawadi one evening, Baba gently clapped His hands on his chest. From that time his eye became very much clear. He was in Shirdi till Baba's Mahasamadhi. Then Radhakrishnamai requested him to pump the well water, now in Saranjame Baug and also he will do all the work ordered by her. His firm faith and patience towards Baba gave him perma­nent relief from his blindness.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely !   Stupendous Delectation   and Deliverance be there ! I


Shri Govind Rao Gadre of Nagpur felt much when his nephew came to his house and suffered from disease. He prayed to Baba, that if his nephew got well, he would send him to Baba for His darshan. Accordingly, his nephew got well in two days by Baba's grace and went to his house. But he was not sent to Shirdi for Baba's darshan as per the vow of Shri Govind Rao. Once again the nephew came to his uncle's house. At that time Govind Rao himself suffered from the disease. On one Thursday, all the family members prayed Baba with Bhajan. Govind Rao joined in the worship. Then he remembered that his vow has not yet been fulfilled by his nephew. Hence, he made another vow that if he would become alright, himself and his nephew would go to Shirdi for Baba's darshan. Then he was relieved off his sufferings. They both went to Shirdi and took Baba's darshan.

Surrender Shri Sal Completely !    Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there ! !


In May, 1916, a lady devotee from Bombay came to Baba for darshan. At that time Baba and two other women Smt. Janabai and Smt. Laxmibai were grinding wheat flower in the grinding stone. She asked Baba that she would grind the wheat. Baba told her that she would feel fatigue in grinding the wheat. She replied that she would grind as much as she possible to grind. Baba asked Laxmibai to leave the grinding stone to her. She began to grind the wheat. She questioned Baba why the wheat was grinding ? Baba replied that He would save the devotees at times. She also questioned why Baba was going to the stream side and throwing the wheat flour ? Baba told that at times "Akkabai"  (Maari Ayi, Maariamma, Cholera and small pox etc.) wanted to enter the village and I prevented them on the other side of the stream and not allow them in the village. That is why I have to feed them and that I throw the flour to them. She again asked Baba whether there is "Jari" "Mari" (Durdevatha). Baba replied there exists "Durdevatha but they won't do anything harm to us". For that she told Baba that some were dying on account of Durdevatha for which Baba told that Durdevatha was scolding me to allow her to enter the village. At that time, I request the Almighty and gave her the allotted persons to her. Again she asked Baba, "whether there are evil sprits"  Baba told that there are evil spirits and that they won't do any harm to us". She told when she was in Naigaom in Bombay a figure of an evil spirit used to come from the well side ' and go to the room in the upstairs and disappear. Baba told her that he knows him and he was the house owner of her house and he became an evil spirit and further told her that he used to disappear only in the room where she delivered". She told Baba as to how he knew all these facts"? Baba replied that He knows her from her childhood and further told her you have forgotten me. I will call off my children even if they were one thousand miles away. My care will always be alike towards all. All men good, bad & rowdies are coming to Me I have to look for all of them.

During these conversation, she felt tired in grinding the wheat flour and asked Laxmibai to continue grinding work. All the three finished the grinding work and the Bombay lady knew well about evil spirits.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely  Stupendous Delectation     and   Deliverance be there !!


A Cashier of a well known Bombay Firm had made away with a large sum and came  to  SHIRDI to   save himself from arrest etc.    A warrant was obtained and the work of executing the warrant was entrusted to the firm Manager, a Baba's devotee. The    Manager   tried his utmost  to trace   out   the    culprit cashier,    but he could not find him.   He was at a   loss  to understand whether he should continue the    search or   return   to Bombay.    So he came to Shirdi to have Baba's darshan in this matter.    To his suprise he  found there, the culprit cashier seated shampooing Baba's feet. On see­ing the Manager, the Cashier got   nervous, prostrated before Baba, and earnestly prayed   to    him  for saving him.   Baba advised him to accompany the Manager to Bombay to confess his crime to his master and to request him to pardon him. The Cashier Carried out Baba's instructions in to and was saved from criminal prose­cution and the Manager also received his master's thanks for dexterously handling this affair.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there'


Shri Chidambar Rao Keshav Gadgil was acting as Personal Assistant to the Collector of Ahmednagar Dis­trict and then as Mamlatdar, Sinner. During these peri­ods he used to visit Shirdi often and often to have Baba's darshan. He was transferred to a distant place with an order to join in the new post forthwith. From Sinner he has to go to his new place (via) Kopergaon railway station. He thought and felt very much for his inability for not attending Shirdi event hough he was passing through Kopergaon. No sooner he thought likewise a packet containing Udi was thrown to him from the window of the train. He has taken that pac­ket and found that it contained Baba's Udi. Sometime after this incident he came to Shirdi for Baba's dars­han. Then Baba told him that even though he was not able to come to Shirdi, He has sent His Udi, After hearing this, Gadgil's heart filled with joy and he placed His Udi in a talisman and wore on him for ever. This clearly shows that Baba is ever ready to fulfil the hearty desire of His devotees.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely !  Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there!!


Two friend devotees from Bombay suburbs went to Shirdi to pay their respects to Baba and stayed at Shirdi for two days. At the time of leaving Shirdi they purchased two copies of Baba's photo and started their journey. Thereafter on the way one of them remembered his brother and felt sorry that he has omitted to purchase one more copy of Baba's photo for him. On reaching home, when he untied the packing of photos, to his surprise, three copies of photo were there instead of the two they had purchased. Ardent devotees as they were, Baba by his superhuman powers had requited their love and given one more copy of His photo for his brother. This shows that Baba is ever ready to fulfill the wishes of the wholehearted devotees.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely !   Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there ! !


Shri Kakasaheb   Dixit had   purchased  some lands from Shri Laxman  Bhat of   Shirdi  in   1910 for which Bhat demanded Rs. 200/- But Dixit was willing to pay Rs. I50/-.    A discussion   was going   on in the   matter. Baba on seeing Laxman Bhat passing before the Masjid called on him and enquired "what was the matter bet­ween you and Dixit ?".   Bhat told all the  matters for which Baba told him "that you   may sell  the   lands at Rs. 175!-".   Dixit gave Rs. 150/-  to   Laxman   Bhat as per his own decision when Bhat gone with the amount to his house and counted it, to his surprise   there was Rs. 175/- as settled by Baba.   Was   is not the  Leela of Baba to fulfill the desire of Shri Kakasaheb Dixit?

Surrender Shri Sai Completely ! stupendous Delectations  and Deliverance be there




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