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Mrs. Malanbai daughter of Shri D. R. Joshi Devgaonkar has suffered from T. B. After all medicines having failed, she insisted on her being taken to Shirdi. When brought to Shirdi, Baba asked her to He down on a blanket and take nothing, but water. She carefully followed these instructions but after a week or so, she died one early morning. Baba was then in the Chawadi and for the first time in Shirdi History Baba did not leave Chawadi though it was past 8 A.M. The daugh­ter's parents, with heavy hearts were preparing for the funeral when Malanbai appeared to breathe, opened her eyes and looked round about as if much frightened. Then she said "A black person had been carrying me away, very much frightened, I cried out to Baba for help. Baba took His Satka and gave him good cudgeling snatched me away and and carried me to Cha­wadi." She gave a correct description of Chawadi. Just at this time, "Baba left His Chawadi bed bawling out striking his Satka against the ground and came shouting to Dixit wada where the girl had put up; seeing Malanbai restored to life, there was joy all-round. Is it not the greatest of all the supernatural powers of Baba (Giving life to the dead) ?

Surrender Shri Sai Completely !    Stupendous Delectations and Deliverance be there ! !


Shri Janardhan Moreshwar Fanse alias Haribhau Fanse wearied with carrying on the burden of his worldly cases informing his mother left his home for Rameswaram. However Shirdi is on the way and with a view to have blessings from the far famed Shri Sai Baba, he came to Shirdi. He felt so much attracted by Baba, that he stayed at Shirdi for one week. When he asked Baba's permission to go to Rameswaram, Baba ordered him to go home. Saying his mother had left food since the day he had left home, she might die. He gone home. The mother was very much pleased to see her son back at home and was convinced that Baba was omniscient. In the meanwhile a person of his village being attached with cholera approached him, he administered to him Baba's holy ashes and he was cured. This led to people to think that he was a physician. The holy ashes however soon exhausted and so Haribhau was embarrassed as to how he should deal with another cholera case if he got one. But luckily for him the cholera left his village and casually met one Marwari merchant known to him. The merchant seeing that a simple devotee had come to meet him told Haribhau "Look here, my brother is seriously ill, all physicians and doctors have tried their utmost to cure him, but they have all failed now since you are Shri Sai Baba's devotee, if your Sai Baba is really a saint, he must cure my brother through you. Haribhau saw the patient found the case to be serious, was therefore anxious to slip away but as it was night, he could not leave for home. At night when Haribhau bhajan (prayer) time became due, the patient himself made the necessary preparations for bhajan and through out the Bhajan sat concentrating on Baba's Photo. This surprised all and the Marwari now said "whether the patient dies or survives I will have his medicines from none but you." To avoid the responsibility, Haribhau purposely quoted his fees in excess of those of the Civil Surgeon at Rs. 200/- The marwari agreed to that. That night Baba appeared in Shri Haribhau's dream and told what the disease was and the medicine to be prescribed for it. Haribhau prescribed the said medicine and the patient started taking this medicine. The patient fully recovered after a time and so the marwari offered Rs. 200/-, the stipulated fees for Shri Haribhau, but Haribhau would not accept it stating that he had done nothing it was his Guru's Work. Marwari could not rest satisfied till he made good Haribhau's labour in some form or other. So he bought a scarf worth Rs. ?00/- and going to Haribhau's hours, when he was out and left it there. Haribhau could not refuse the acceptance, but he felt that the price amount of the scarf should be sent to Baba. However he was penny less and Baba had also left off His body in the meanwhile, offering his night prayers, tears rolled down his eyes. That very night Baba appeared in his dream and said "There is famine all round at present, so sell the scarf and purchase rice from this amount of Rs. 200/- and sell it under price for the present. Carry on this business till the amount of Rs. 200/- runs out. Then sell lice at profit and you will be able to made a living." Following these instructions, Haribhau prospered and became 'nappy and then never thought of deserting home.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely ! Stupendous Delectations and Deliverance be there


Shri Moreshwar Pradhan and his wife Chottubai loved Baba from the bottom of their hearts and care­fully followed every word of Baba, Baba in His turn took care to look after their welfare. Once all their children have Chicken pox, all of them except the youn­gest got over that illness, but the youngest who was the weakest of all did not cure and one day his illness took a serious turn. Doctors gave up all hopes of child's recovery. All the symptoms of collapse appeared on the child's face, parents sorrowfully waited upon the child chanting Baba's name. When Chottubai suddenly fell asleep and in the dream she saw Baba appearing before her and said what is all this ? the child is alright safe and sound. He would ask something to eat at 6-30 AM. Give that to him without fear." Chottubai woke up and was surprised 10 see that the child showing symptoms of good health, the child was fast asleep his fever had left him and the persons, in atten­dance were all in a very good mood. Correctly at 6-30 A.M. the boy asked for his meals as Baba predicted and the mother at once; gave him all he wanted. A few days after, he fully recovered.

Surrender Shri Sal Completely I    Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there I


A boy of Sawantvvadi named Ganesh Gopal Mahajan was very weak and so from time to time he suffered from some illness or other. His devoted mother there­fore, very much wished that if the boy go to Shirdi and pay respect to Baba, his health might improve. The boy was alse very anxious to go to Shirdi but he was a mere Clerk of Rs. 15/- per mensum at Khatav Mahajan Mills, The mill Manager R.A.Tarkhad was a Baba's Devotee. As a water pump at Shirdi required repair very badly he arranged to send an Engineer to Shirdi. The Engineer determined to utilise this opportunity by taking his family with him. Mrs. Tarkhad also seeing that the Engineer was proceeding to Shirdi with his family joined them, coming to know of this, the boy Ganesh went to the Victoria Terminus with some flo­wers and with some fruits to be sent to Baba with the party going. Mr. Tarkhad was there A few minutes before the train was to start, Mr. Tarkhad asked Ganesh that if he would go to Shirdi, he may. On hearing the boy's reply in affirmative, he handed over to him a rail way ticket saying that one member of the party had not turned up and so the ticket was a surplus. The boy sent word to his mother about his going with some Thana passengers and proceeded to Shirdi, thanking Baba for the arrangement that-he had made for going to Shirdi and paying his respects to Him and there on he was alright.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely Stupendous Delectation     and   Deliverance be there i


Shri Krishnaji Narayan alias Chottu Bhaiya Saheb Parulkar was suffering from vomiting as and when he took meals. He has consulted all the doctors, but in vain Shri S. R. Pattavardhan, a friend of his father has sent a well known doctor from Nagpur for his proper treatment. The doctor gave him three small packets of medicines for taking them one in the morning, one in the noon and one in the night. After taking it as pres­cribed by the doctor, he gone to motion for several times that he was not even able to walk by 8 P.M. and became so weak that all were afraid of him. Then the doctor went to his Puja room and prayed the Almighty and gave medicine to stop the motions. After taking this medicines his motions and vomiting have stopped from 11 A.M. The doctor told his father that no medicine will cure his vomiting except that of the grace of Blessed soul. After 5 or 6 years of this inci­dence, Mr. Parulkar had the chance to come to Shirdi and took darshan of Baba. Neither himself nor any­body have spoken to Baba about his affair. During his next trip to Shirdi i.e. on a Guru Pournima day, he again met Baba with his brother and a third person was sitting before Baba by about 4 P.M. At that time one mousibai came there. Baba asked her "why you come late" ? Mousi Bai replied "Baba, you made me to vomit much and often and hence I came late". Baba told her "That because you eat much, you have to vomit much". For this Mousi Bai told "Baba I have ben vexed with my  vomiting often and by this I'm even vexed with my life". Baba told her pointing to Parulkar that this man also vomiting for many years. On hearing this Parulkar's brother requested Baba to stop the vomiting of his brother. Baba told him that his brother did not vomit hereafter and from that time Baba uttered these words, his vomiting have stopped and he ever felt thankful to Baba.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely !   Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there ! !


Shri Bapusaheb Buty was once suffering from severe fever (i.e.) 105° in 1915 for one month. He was not in a position even to walk. Even in this stage, Baba called him to come to him on some body's back to the Masjid and given to him (Seera) a variety of sweet, Payasam, Bajji and dal oosal and made him to eat all these in His presence and returned him back to his lodging. Without any medicine, the fever abated. During this time, Baba was also fell ill. But as soon as Buty recovered, Baba was also recovered. This shows how Baba also suffered along with His devotees in order to relieve them from their sufferings.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely  Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there


Shri Kakasaheb Dixit, on one occasion had suffered from pain in his left leg and he was not able to walk even for a short distance of one furlong. Baba started to go to Neemgaom. Dixit also accompanied Baba and returned back to Shirdi after walking a distance of four miles to and fro with his pain leg. During his walking, he has not felt any pain in his leg. Is this not due to Baba's grace ?.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely stupendous Delectations  and Deliverance be there



In 1917, a Maha Mandal in respect of "Bharadwaja Gotra was being conducted in Babol village in Vengutla Taluk of Ratnagiri District as was being done annually. They invited Annasaheb Dabholkar to be its President. He consulted Baba. But Baba refused permission. Hence he dropped the matter. The same thing happe­ned in tne next year also. Then Baba appeared in his dream and ordered to take the President ship of the Maha Mandal. Afterwards he became the President of it. Dabholkar's daughter became sane and she adhered only the words of her father and none other else and she would not be in her house without her father even a moment, Dabholkar with Baba's permission went to Dahhol and returned back to his house at Bandra in Bombay within four days. During his absence, she was alright. When he returned back she suffered much. When some sorts of fits came, she would be in nobody's control and had to lock her up in a room. Apart from all these she was a pregnant woman. Three famous doctors have examined her. After thorough examina­tion they have told that if the child had to be born safely, an operation is necessary by which the status of the mother would be a doubtful one. On the next day, another doctor came and advised to seek the Divine aid. He prayed to Shri Sai Baba for her safe delivery.

She delivered a child without the help of anybody. After sometime she and her child came to Shirdi and took Baba's darshan. Baba placed his hand on her head saying that all would go well and from that time, all her sufferings have come to an end and never came after­wards.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely  Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!


Shri Raghuvir Bhaskar Purandare is a   devotee    of Shri Sai Baba.  Once his wife suffered from continuous vomiting and passing of stools from   3 A-M. and was in such a position till 8 A.M.    Her body  became cold. The doctor has tested her body and told   that   she will die within one hour. Without knowing her status, Pura­ndare was in the house of a goldsmith from   the   mor­ning itself who wanted to prepare a jewel for his niece. He was called on to   his   house.    All were   mourning about her.    On his way home, at   Datta Mandii-   Baba appeared in the form of a Fakir with a Joli in his hand and told Purandare "Don't fear  for   your wife.    She will not die.    Give her Udi  mixed with water. She will recover in half an hour.   I am  safeguarding you all". Accordingly, Udi was administered in her   mouth with water. All the members waiting on her told that he sho­uld not pour water in the closed mouth.   Kot adhering to then, he poured the Udi water by  opening the teeth with the help of a spoon  and  the   remaining  Udi   he applied    it    all throughout   her ! only.      After   having done this, he took bath performed  pooja with  naivedya and took his meals without waiting   for anybody.    The doctor came again and examined her.   He told   that the body had got the temperature   and the pulses   were in normal   and   asked   Pursiidare   What you   have given Her ?    Purandare   replied that he had given nothing but Baba's Udi.    Then the   doctor has also   given medicine and she became   completely   alright   afterwards  by the grace of Shri Baba.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely !    Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there


The daughter in law of Shri Haribhau Karnik became mad at her residence in Andheri (Bombay). After receiving this information in the morning, he started in the train at 11 A.M. The train reached Palghar railway station, He saw a Fakir wearing a Kupni was sitting behind him. He told Karnik the Lord Parameshwar has created all the varieties of trees for their utilisation by the humanity as well as by others. But they do not know the significance of their utilisation. I knew them pretty well. Then pointing out to a particular tree, He said that if the leaves of this tree are grinded and the substance given to a Madman, he will be alright. Karnik was in deep thinking for more than three hours and that he came in his senses only after he reached Bandra. Then he looked for the Fakir. But the Fakir was not there in his seat. He went to his daughter-in-law's house. He then gave the substance of the leaves of the tree as told by the Fakir for three days. She became alright. Again she became mad after two years. Then the same leaves were given and she became alright for ever. Is it not due to Baba's grace ?,

Surrender Shri Sai Completely  Stupendous Delectation and  Deliverance be there


Shri Raghuvir Bhaslar Purandare has built a house as per Baba's   orders at   Bandra   (Bombay).   He then suffered severely from headache that he was not in a position to bear it. Hence, he wrote a letter to Baba that instead of giving such pains, it is better to please finish his chapter once for all and handed over it to Shri Dr. Filial who was going to Shirdi, with a request to give it to Baba. He did likewise Baba then gave Udi and a small packet of snuff like substance with instruc­tions to Purandare to take it through his nose. Purandare did like that and the headache abated with no trace of it. After some days he wrote a letter to Baba to inform him when he should perform Grihapravesam in the new house. Baba replied "that you may perform Grihapravesam in the new house on Thursday and I too will come along with you." Accordingly on Thursday he proceeded to the new house with Baba's photo in his hand. On the way, he met Baba in Datta Mandir and He also accompanied him to the new house til Purandare kept Baba's photo in the new house and then disappeared. This shows that Baba is ever ready to fu!6I the desire of His devotees.

Surrender Shri Sai Completely ! Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!

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