SWAMI'S SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES RE-OPENED - Maha Samadhi construction started from the 27th May

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"Om Sairam dearest Sai Family,
All the campuses of Sri Sathya Sai University have re-opened from 1st of June. This would be one of its kind re-opening for the blessed university which lost her Chancellor on a physical level. Every year, students would look forward to this day after spending 2 months with friends and family to re-unite with the Divine. This year there seems to be a vacuum in their lives which will be stabilised in no time.
As the Maha Samadhi construction started from the 27th May, students who couldn't make it before could not even have Samadhi darshan.
The Maha Samadhi construction is in full swing. There are huge curtains put up at least 20 feet away from the dais. This probably is done to give enough space for the workers to do their job. This afternoon, when I entered the ashram, i bumped into a person who, with his physical appearance seemed to be working for the construction. Even though he looked dusty, with torn clothes (a typical worker appearance) the first thought that came to my mind is brother how lucky you are! to be part of this great construction. I asked him (to double check and also to get some "inside" information) if he was working for Maha Samadhi construction and with an innocent smile he said yes brother. I asked how is the work going on. he said it is going on very well. They have finished "flooring" part. The next sentence that he said was so touchy and when some one like him says with that innocence it will hit you some where in the heart.
He said with a sad face, what to do, I don't feel like even hammering on the floor. every time I do that, I think, O our Swami is sleeping. Will I be disturbing His sleep? he said he is tyring his best to do the job bit quietly but this job doesn't allow to do so. He continued, I had Swami's darshan many times in this same hall and I wanted to speak with Swami atleast once in my life time but it was not possible. Swami was always surrounded by people and getting closer to Him was not easy. Now I am right there, with no one around Swami, but still cannot speak with Him. I told Him, all your prayers were answered as you are blessed to be part of the Divine construction. He nodded in acceptance with an innocent smile again. I thanked Swami for letting me meet such a nice person who cared for Swami even after He left the body.
I could imagine the mindset of all the blessed workers there. Like this brother I am sure many of them would have had Swami's darshan in the same hall before. Keeping Swami's body right next to you and to work is not an easy job. Especially when you know who Swami is.All your nerves would be holding the whole body uptight. According to the news, the Ganesha which was in the middle has been removed. The white marble steps which were on the dais have also been removed. I think(its not official) Swami's statue might be placed in the place of Ganesha). According to EENADU news paper report dated, 28th May, the statue will be unveiled on Swami's birthday. (nothing official yet)
As the stage is now completely removed, all the mud, marble pieces etc from the dais is now dumped behind North blocks in the ashram.

There were so many devotees, local and overseas who went there to collect mud, marble etc and why not, these were touched by the divine Himself. Probably these are the only souvenirs available for general public touched and blessed by Swami.These might be the same rock parts which Rama stepped on to remove the curse on Ahalya. I know so many devotees who take few hand full of mud from Puttaparthi to put in the foundations during the new house construction or during construction of temples etc and this particular mud being dumped, is equally precious.

Meanwhile some local news papers are still spitting poison on Swami's organisation and the Trustees. Who are we to question their credibility and capabilities? Swami has personally handpicked each and every Trustee. Can any one dare to question Swami?These news are either written with evil intentions or out of complete ignorance. there are also some media organisations which are spreading this false hood to increase their TRPs or increase sale of newspapers. Let every Sai Devotee bear this in mind that even an iota of doubt or interest in such news will directly mean that we are doubting our beloved Lord. After all these years of DARSHAN, SPARSHAN AND SAMBHASHAN lets not waste that divine opportunity which was bestowed on us which came after thousands of births of meritorious deeds. (I am not targeting any one in particular or organisation and not denying the basic FREEDOM OF SPEECH which the Indian democracy has given to every citizen)

Instead of writing to that particular news paper or calling them to lodge your objections,as Swami said Stay away from bad company, lets not buy those particular news papers, lets not watch that particular news channel. If every Sai Devotee, as a token of love for Swami more importantly with due respect to His teachings of avoiding bad company, decides not to subscribe that particular news paper, every CULPRIT will feel the heat and this will be a very good answer for the evil forces for messing with Sai Family.
On the other hand there are still people within Sai community every where who are spreading negative energy among Sai sisters and brothers. They don't blame Swami or His organisation but they seem to brief the news paper reports, especially during informal Sai gatherings in the time of service, which itself is equal to doubting Swami. Let every one of us be reminded that even now Swami is in full control of the whole world and Sai Organisation is no exception.
Swami has willed when to come on earth and has willed when to leave His body here. Of course because of the affection and love we had towards His body, we may cry or feel sad but every one of us have to come out of this grief at the earliest and enjoy the proximity of all pervasive Swami.
Attached here is a photo of Swami's ICU published in radiosai.org and also a photo of the dump in the ashram..."

With Pranams at the Lotus feet of our beloved Lord,
R.Satish Naik (submitted to
SBOI-GroupJoin Group Sai Baba Of India - "SBOI")


"More news about Maha Samadhi construction:

(Please note most of the following contents was taken from various telugu news papers, SAKSHI in particular dtd. 2nd June 2011 and this is not to  be considered as an official version)

Swami's Mahasamadhi construction is under way strictly adhering to Vedic rituals. reports are coming that it has been decided to have a marble statue by Swami's samadhi (in the same place where Ganesha's statue used to be). The statue will be a replica of the attached photo (please excuse the resolution as that was the best i could search on the internet) which i am sure every one would have seen and many would be having this particular photo in their homes, as it is very commonly available photo where Swami is seated on His throne blessing with His right hand and holding letters in His left hand which I think is atleast two and half decade old photo taken when Swami used to be sit under the famous tree in Brindavan ashram.

About 30 tons of VIETNAM marble is being used for the Samadhi construction. The speciality of VIETNAM marble is they remain very cool even in high temperature. Architects from China, Japan, Malaysia, Nepal along with architects from Jaipur (Rajasthan) and Mangalore (Karnataka) are rendering their services. These architects are supported by 20 other engineers. The Samadhi will reflect Swami's teachings of UNITY OF FAITHS. The entry into the premises (inside the curtained area) is strictly through swipe cards and no one else is allowed to go in.

The Bhajans and Veda chantings are going on as usual and Swami's throne along with huge photos of Swami are kept close to the curtains for devotees to pray. The Mahasamadhi construction is expected to finish before Gurupurnima.

with pranams at the Lotus feet of our beloved Lord,..."

R.Satish Naik (submitted to SBOI-GroupJoin Group Sai Baba Of India - "SBOI")