(Original Photo of Shirdi Sai Baba in colour inside the Heart )
(Original Photo of Shirdi Sai Baba in colour inside the Heart )

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Experiences of Devotees:

Sai Devotee
Jai Sairam, My two year old son was having high temperature and we took him to the doctor. The doctor checked him and ordered for some blood tests. On that evening the doctor called us and said that he was concerned to see his blood test results a little abnormal and prescribed an antibiotic and told us that if he doesn't get better with that he suspects something more serious. After three days my sons fever was subsided and the doctor called us back for another blood test. We got the blood test done and that evening the doctor called us and told that the blood results were still abnormal and that we should immediately take our kid for further testing to the hospital and that he made all the appointments necessary. Upon pressuring a lot he told us that he was suspecting some kind of leukemia. Hearing that we were all heart broken and we cried a lot. That whole night we were only praying to Baba to save our kid and that he should be healthy. I applied Baba's Udhi to my sons forehead and somehow felt confident that we will come home with smiles. We went to the hospital the next day (which happened to be a thursday) and they did all the tests and they told us that my son was anemic and he just needs iron supplements. Thank you so much Baba for taking care of my little one and being with us. We will never forget the blessings you have showered on us. Be with us and bless us all the time Baba.

Sai Devotee
Om Sri SaiRam. My husband was out of IT field since we got married and I was so worried about him. I prayed Sai to give us a good life by giving a nice job for my husband .He started applying to his jobs yet he couldn't get any. I cried my self so many times and my littile one was also suffered by me. I have a Shani dosham n could n't successful in any. Buy I trusted Sai and my belief towards Sai is increasing day by day though my husband was failing in the job interviews. I did Sai Satcharitra parayana 3 times yet my days were too horrible. I believed one saying from my parents if u wanted some thing, if that happened to you that's good for you.If that doesn't happened it's more good for you.I always remaining these words and was praying for his divine blessings. I started parayana again with more Sradha and Saburi..On that week my husband attended one interview with an Indian company. We don't have any hopes on that to get the job. Also he lost his confidence and was the time to start using our savings money.I was on maternity leave for an year and my husband was on EI .So we both were getting money from govt only..But on my last day of my parayana they selected my husband and there was no limit to my happiness. On Thursday his office HRM sent him an offer letter. I couldn't thank enough to Sai to let my dreams come true. That job was a contract position yet they liked my husband and offered a full time position with a nice pay. I prayed Sai when I was doing parayana that I am gonna leave one of my favourite food until me n my family visit Shiridi to get Sai's Darshan and I left my favourite food Junnu to him...I would like to suggest to all Sai devotees never loose your hope and believe Sai. He will definitely take care of his children. We just need to work hard and have faith in him in our tough times and on good times also. Rest is Sai's divine blessings..

Nearly one month before, my wife complained about eye problem. Her left eye was a little bit red and there was cyst in it. We went to ophthalmologist and he gave steroid for a week. He told that the redness of eye will probably go by the application of steroid but I am not sure about cyst. She did as per the doctor's advice and after a week, we visited the doctor again. He examined and said the redness had gone and advised three days one drop steroid. After three days, we visited the doctor to seek his advice on the operation of cyst. I was sacred of operation even then it was small. We were waiting in doctors clinic. I was massaging Baba's paada in my ring for nearly 45 minutes in doctors clinic and saying Om Sai Sri Sai Jay Jay Sai for 45 minutes requesting Him to avoid operation of cyst. Since I am Baba's sevak for nearly two decades I have in mind that Baba will listen to me and the doctor will say as the cyst has become too small , it will go on its own and there is no need of any treatment. After 45 minutes, doctor came, made the detail examination, and advised the cyst has become too small, it do not need any intervention. Now the cist has gone. Baba did listen to my prayer.

Because of our son's school, we decided to sell it since over a year. Although, I had full faith in Baba about scope of our home being sold, probably He wanted to test our Saburi and because of sloppy real estate market, there were not many showings happening. still I was hanging in there looking fwd for His daya. In January 2008, we moved out to a apartment to market our vacant home. Our home was very close to major employer Dell; they started mass layoffs too, early part of this year, which added to existing real estate woes. This led more homes in market and limited buyers interest in that area. So things started feeling edgy and I got little restless. I was confident that Baba surely will take of us but to shun my anxiety, I sought help from Baba for some kind of indication about when we will get through this worry? Some time around end of March or beginning of April 2008, I prayed with full heart and asked for reply from a book in Telugu called 'Baba- prashnalu javabulu'.To my surprise, the message I looked at from the book has gist 'your work will be done in 2 months' and remaining part of message I don't recall as I write at his moment. That message made me feel much relieved and I was very sure Baba would certainly make this happen by selling our home by June. Although confident, do not know why but I did not share this with anyone including my spouse. We had to re-list the home with new price adding more incentives to motivate buyers. Still nothing much happened. But, in month of May one prospective buyer from California was keen on that house. My thoughts were neutral about this new development, as we heard of many happening where buyers back out on closing day too. Everything happened smoothly with Sai's grace where buyer had no financial problems and our home got closed successfully on May 31st 2008. We had to sell with chuck of loss but, I am more than sure in this bleak market, this amazing event would not have happened without the intervention of Sai.

This was a unique experience, which took place on April 17th 2008. I along with my wife had gone to attend a marriage reception. As it is my habit to carry a pen having Sai Baba's photo in my shirt pocket. That day also, I was carrying a pen having Baba's photo. When my wife and me went to the dice to give blessings to the newly wed couple, the bride noticed that a pen was hanging from the saree of my wife. When this was told to her she was quite surprised as there was no point of her carrying the pen and that too hanging from the saree. I suddenly noticed that, that was my pen, which I had kept in my pocket. I was surprised to see and was unable to understand how the pen had gone to my wife. My wife in turn gave that pen to the bride, as Baba's blessing to her. Now the important thing happened. The bride inform my wife that as she was a staunch believer of Baba she had asked Him to come and bless her on the occasion of her marriage and somehow Baba had kept His appointment with her, in the shape of a photo coming with a pen. May Sai Baba bless all.

I am been a devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba since many many years and on innumerable occasion I could feel his hands blessing me in tiding over many of the difficulties that I had to face in my life. Recently, I had been asked to deliver a project within a very short time requiring approvals from a number of higher levels of officials. There were many obstacles at every step. I felt helpless at every stage and many a time I felt that I am going to fail to meet the target date. I prayed one day to Sai Baba fervently and sought his blessings to help me tide over the difficulties and make the passage smooth. I also promised him that I would write my experience in Sai Vichar if the obstacles were removed. While the task is still incomplete but there has been change since I prayed and things are moving much faster than before. With this momentum I am sure Sai will help me in meeting the target date. I sincerely wish to use this forum to convey my heartfelt gratitude to him. Om Sai Ram.


I have had countless miracles blessed by lord Sai in my life. Don't know which one to share with devotees. The latest ones are approval of my green card, after a long and tedious journey of almost 6 years Sai blessed me and my husband with the green card. By Sai's grace my pregnancy is going smoothly and now I am 32 weeks pregnant. My husband's psychological mood swings and aggressiveness are in control and he is taking his medicine regularly now. Looking back, just one year ago my life was under so much distress, we were on the verge of divorce - but the strong belief on Sadguru Sai only helped me to come out of all these problems. My husband stopped raising his hand on me for no reason; I am not sitting in the corner of my house anymore after a long and exhausting day of office work and housework. Now I can sit with him and talk. Without Sai I know for sure, all these things should not have happened in my life. I am incredibly thankful to Shri Sai. Please be with me Sai for the rest of the pregnancy and help me to deliver the baby safely. I request all Sai devotees to keep Shradda and Saburi and Lord Sai only knows what is best for us and Shri Sai never let us down. Humble pranams on your lotus feet Sai, Bow to Shri Sai - Peace to all!

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Source: Saivichar