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How Baba Got Me Job Of His Choice - Sai Devotee Roopdarshini


Lord Sai Baba knows the best for us and He does so. But each time we fail to realise this. See how Sai Sister Roopdarshini ji is fared for her faith in Lord Sai and how He had reserved good things for her.
Sai Sister Roopdarshini ji from India says: Hi Hetal ji, this is the first time I am posting my experience in your blog. I feel thanks word falls short to appreciate your work. May Baba bless you and your family with His choicest blessings. Actually, I am not a good writer and to readers, I am sorry my experience is very lengthy. You may feel it boring. Sai Maa, please forgive me if I have done any mistake while writing. Hetal ji, I request you not to disclose my email id. And lastly Tons of thanks to you for making this blog available to all Sai devotees and for creating wonderful platform to share the experiences.

It was sometime in January, when I quit my previous job as I was not at all comfortable working there due to some issues. I didn’t think anything about the future, just resigned and praying Baba to be with me and surrendered completely to Him. I planned to complete the java course and then join back as it was difficult to work in development without knowledge. My classes were from morning to noon. So I became busy with my course and got more and more time to spend with my Sai. Usually, sir gives off on Thursdays only. I always went to Baba’s temple attended noon Aarti. It gave me so much satisfaction. In this way, I started becoming more and more close to Sai Maa. I used to do 9 Thursdays vrat, Sai Satcharitra Parayan and all it gave me enormous peace of mind. In this period, I visited Shirdi after 3 long years. But things started changing. Financial problems started at home and my course was also lagging a lot as the tutor gave many holidays. So here my desperation started, but I had full faith that my Sai will definitely take care of me. Whenever I would feel upset, I used to just tell Baba that I have surrendered my life at your feet.

Things went on and it was now 6 months that I left job. All my relatives started asking, rather I should say criticizing. But I didn’t resent back anything to any one and just would pray mentally to Baba that You know all my pain. I can’t explain anything to all. You just be with me and love me that’s enough for me. In mean time, I got a job offer from a small company. I was happy and went to meet the Manager, who worked with me in my previous company expecting that salary would be at least 15k. But to my dismay, he offered jus 4k. I was shocked and I told him to give time till next day. Next day, it was Thursday. I went to Baba’s temple and put the lots if to join or not and the answer was yes. I didn’t think anything just straight away went to office. But after going there, how I don’t know, Baba totally changed my mind for not to join and straight away said no to my manager. I really can’t analyze. Yes, I did so. After coming out, I asked Baba what all this is happening. You sent me here to join, but I said no. What is this? Why you sent me here?

I then went to have some snacks in café, basically to see Baba’s photo as I had seen it the previous day. There I saw on counter lot of stuff was kept. I asked café uncle if I can see Baba’s photo. He said sure and removes things. Then we had a pleasant chat. He told me his experiences with Baba, which strengthened my faith further in Baba. But all this time, I was thinking why Baba sent me here. Then uncle suddenly told that he will give me Baba’s silver coin. He removed that from his pocket and gave me. This brought a smile on my sad face. I was very happy. I thanked uncle. He even told that his daughter and granddaughter love Baba a lot. He felt me like them and saw in my eyes love for Baba same as them. So he gave me the coin. I thanked him again and left the place.

All my way, I could not stop smiling and thinking that Baba sent me here just to receive His blessings in the form of coin. All my way, I saw Baba in form of photos. It was like He was trying to cheer up His daughter. But I was worried about my job. That night, I wrote all my feelings in a paper and went to temple and surrendered at Baba’s feet telling that till DEC, I want a good package job to support my family and myself. But at the end, it’s all Your wish and I want Your love more than anything. It had even become difficult for me to even have my daily food due to lack of money. Meanwhile, a wonderful thing happened. Baba called me to Shirdi all of a sudden and that to on Guru Poornima day. I leave to the readers to experience what joy I might’ve felt and trust me I didn’t have single paisa with me. But Baba arranged every thing through my cousin.

When I took Darshan of Baba on Guru Poornima day, I told Deva that next time I want to come here with my own earning. I returned back after wonderful Darshan. It was Monday, when I came back and on Thursday, my friend called me and told that he has opening in his company and package was very good. It was 25k per month. I was really happy. But I had to appear for online test and then I would be able to attend the technical interview. I gave the on line test first. Depending on the performance, HR would call me for the next round. I had done the test well, but for another week, I dint get a call. My friend went to HR and asked about it. So she told it may take another one month to process, because there were 200 people, who had cleared the test. That day, I asked Baba if I will get this job or no. So the answer was yes. Even in question answer book, it was that “Letter will come and something nice in august”.

Meanwhile, I started Sai Satcharitra Parayan. Next day, one person was supposed to join whom my friend had referred. But that person didn’t turn up as he got some good offer in another company. So the manager and HR were angry with him. Still he managed to ask manager that I would join instead of him. But he gave a distinct no and was quite upset with him. He then asked HR that if she can schedule the interview. Even she gave the same answer and told his friend was very irresponsible and she doesn’t want to hire any of his friends now. He got very dejected as he had given his best to help me by giving me material to study and explaining things. I pacified him by telling that we are giving our best and let us leave rest to Sai Maa. So now it was confirmed that this job is gone.

It was Monday and sixth day of Parayan, that night one of my aunt criticized me a lot for some small matter. I wept so heavily that night because I was hurt so much. I asked Sai Maa, when you will answer. Next day, it was 7th day of my reading. I thought I will finish it off in evening and went out with my father as I was upset. In the noon, my friend called me. Guess what? He told me that my technical interview is scheduled tomorrow. Just then a car passed by me with Baba’s photo on it. My friend told that HR herself came to him and told that she has scheduled the interview. I was happy as well as nervous that how would I perform the interview. But since Sai has given this job, he will make me clear the interview also. And I went home and completed my Parayan and prepared till late night and prayed Baba that if I get this job I would give up eating rice and have it after taking your Darshan in Shirdi.

Next day, I went to the office all my way. Deva was with me. I was nervous, but I held Baba’s pendant till I was called in. Finally, I completed technical round and I cleared it. Then next round was with manager. Even I did clear that. HR came out and told that I am done with both the rounds and she needs to check my documents. But I didn’t carry the documents. So the last round got postponed to next day i.e. “Thursday”. I asked her if I can come today. She told that she will inform me tomorrow. Next day, I went with all my documents and got it verified. She told that I am in and I have got the job. She would send me offer letter as soon as possible. I prayed Baba that I should get my joining on Thursday. But I got it on Wednesday. So I told Baba as your wish. Aug 17th was my joining. I went to the office and completed all joining formalities. HR led me in to show my place and allocated system to me. When she turned on, the first mail that dropped in was with picture of Baba in it. I was bit addled. I checked the mail. In that, one colleague had brought Prasad from Shirdi and sent his desk number. So that, we could collect from his desk. My heart bounced with joy. I straight away went searching his cubicle and took Baba’s Prasad and Baba’s photo. I now realized why my joining was not the next day. Our Deva was already there before me. Now I am just waiting to go to Shirdi with my money and take Sai Maa’s Darshan. I hope Deva calls me as soon as possible. All this reflects only about Shraddha and Saburi. As our Sai Maa tells, if we have this, we can easily cross any hurdle in life. So however worst the situation may be if we have complete faith and surrender whole heartedly to Baba, He will definitely solve it. Only we need to have is patience.

“Bolo Shree Satchitananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai”

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