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July 20, 2009 – Special Divine Discourse on Atma -

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It turned out to be a wonderful evening at Prasanthi Nilayam - an evening that began like any other day, progressed and ended in a very special manner. As it happens everyday, the bhajans began at 5:00 p.m. and were on when Swami arrived for darshan on a special white chair. It was a wonderful sight and Swami looked so different and beautiful. The saffron of His robe stood out against the white of the chair. Even His hair was seen in all its glory as it stood out against the white backdrop! Swami moved through the ladies side and into the gents’ side via the central students’ area.

Swami arrived on the stage and sat for the bhajans. At about 5:30 p.m., prasadam was brought to seek His blessings before the distribution. Swami blessed it but as the distribution was about to begin, He told them to stop. He then moved around the portico for a bonus darshan and blessings round for all those seated there. And now, arriving on stage, He asked for the podium and mikes! He told Prof. Anil Kumar to speak. For about 20 minutes, the professor spoke on the Upanishads and the principles of Tat Twam Asi and Aham Brahmasmi. He also dilated on the various Vedic declarations on Swami that highlighted His reality and nature.


As he concluded, Swami blessed him and asked Mr. S. V. Giri to address the gathering. He too spoke on the Upanishads and other holy texts. When he was explaining the meaning of Upanishad as, "To sit near the Guru", Swami corrected as, "Down", meaning not only near the Guru but also below the Guru! That correction was however low in volume and was understood only by those whose eyes were riveted on Swami. After his speech, Swami decided to deliver His discourse. Needless to say, there was thunderous applause. Here is the exhaustive summary:


All ask Swami about Atma and none ever understand it. All that has been spoken about the Upanishads are only words. It is said that the Vedas gave rise to the Upanishads but in reality, the Upanishads gave rise to the Vedas. Without the Upanishads, there is no Ramayana, Mahabharata or the Gita; those are mere books.

The ancient sages studied and investigated thoroughly and found that the Atma was the basis for all. Atma is the changeless primordial principle. It has a birth and death when it takes up the body. Shivaratri is not the birthday of Shiva. Shivam means auspiciousness. It is everywhere as declared in the Vedas - "Sarvatah panipadam tat Sarvatokshi Shiromukham. Sarvatah Shrutimalloke Sarvam Aavrutya tishtathi."

Whatever the eyes see, the ears hear or all that is said are all Brahman. Sound, light, speech, movement, etc. - all of these are Brahman. There is nothing apart from that principle. This kerchief, for instance, is Brahman. It arose out of threads which in turn were made of cotton. This is not a cloth in reality but just interwoven threads. It can become either a gown or a dhoti or even a saree.


A powerful mind is that which can convey the Atmic prompting. Without mind, there is no movement at all. So investigate into the mind. The mind keeps changing and that is why it is called the monkey mind. What the mind conveys is not the Truth if it is not prompted by the Atma. Without Atma, there is no Chitta (awareness) and without that, there is no Viveka (discrimination).

The infant grows into a boy, lad, man and becomes a householder. All are same and one cannot exist without the other. The fundamental is the Atma.

People give different forms to the Atma. Some give it the form of the primordial sound - Aumkara. Others call it Tat Twam Asi. It is the same in all. One became many. Just like a mother become a mother and a baby after delivery. The pranava, Aumkara, arises out of the navel as we chant it; it is divine. But all cannot chant Aum. So, they take up other names like Rama, Krishna, Allah, Jesus and the like.

God has no form in reality. The form is used only as an indicator. The form is chosen out of liking. Whether you like Venkateswara, Rama or Krishna, all the forms you have are from Ravi Verma (an artist) paintings! You may shift between forms but all are one.

Ekameva Adviteeyam Brahma. The Brahman is only One and without the second. People imagine and get delusional and that leads to confusion. In a drama, a boy dons the vesture of Krishna. The next scene, he comes as Rama. Though the names you call him are different, the same person arrives. The variations are only due to our delusion.


If you think someone is bad, he appears thus. It is so, also when you think someone is good. It is all based on your feelings towards that person. All these are based on thoughts. Thoughts change due to change in mind.

You think that you are meditating on a form. But it keeps changing from time to time. That is only contemplation. It is steady for some time but it changes. It is meditation when it is absolutely steady. None have meditated so far but they say so. It is all artificial.

It is not good but it is necessary in the beginning. It should be made steady. Concentration leads to contemplation which leads to meditation.

That is acquired by constant practise. Nobody becomes elder at the minute of birth. It is a process of limited growth. It is wrong to think that everything happens as you will. If that is true, then you will not desire anything. You yourself will not exist then. Know yourself first.

"I am Atma". Then why do you considerate it separate from you? All you do today is full of confusion and depression. That leads to disappointment. The wayward nature is responsible for depression. When examinations are held, you either fail or pass. Change is everywhere.

There is change in the environment, water, air, sound, weather – everything changes. How can you remain changeless? Food also changes. What you eat today, you cannot eat tomorrow. It is only the Constant Integrated Awareness that is changeless.

To achieve that, develop the feeling of oneness. The Atma is the same in all. Bodies are like pots and the mind is the water in the pots. The moon is reflected in every pot. Nothing is true without reflection, reaction and resound.

Children! You do not understand the Atma. It is not the letters 'A', 'T' or 'M'. Have the feeling of oneness. All are one. You do different jobs but the spirit of work is the same. It is from the Truth the whole creation has come and it will dissolve into it. That Truth is the Atma. It is changeless. Satya + Satya + Satya = Satya!

Always speak the truth and speak it pleasingly. Truth gives birth to righteousness and together they give rise to Peace. Then there is no anger, pomp, jealousy and ego. There is only Love.

Hanuman went around the whole of Lanka searching for Sita. Though he searched in the palaces, he realised that Sita would never go to Ravana's palace. When he met Ravana in the court, he addressed him in the singular. Ravana was enraged and said that none had the impunity to address him so.

Hanuman then said that he was the servant of Lord Rama and so he would call him in the singular alone. Ravana ordered Hanuman's tail to be set on fire. Do the demons need any provocation for such deeds? They brought all their clothes and rags and wound it around Hanuman's tail and set it on fire. Hanuman leapt and went to every home in Lanka and set it on fire. 

Everyone was rushing helter-skelter wondering which house to enter and be safe. Only Vibhishana's house was saved from the carnage. It is all karma. You decorate yourself with jewels and brilliant necklaces of gold. It is only the garland of your karmas that accompanies you always and adorns your neck. All good and bad are recorded. Nothing else matters.


As you sow, so shall you reap. When you eat pakodas (a south Indian savory), your belch will have that flavour. Nothing more, nothing less. Keep your actions right.

If you have Love for God, you will automatically fear sin and refrain from it. You will love society. Daiva Preeti, Paapa Bheeti and Sangha Neeti. Earn these three. Do namasmarana. Singing the praises of the Lord leads to liberation. Aham Brahmasmi. Ayam Atma Brahma.

Focus on the Consciousness alone. Follow your conscience. Do not spend time in idle gossip. Have pure looks, thoughts and words. Then you will be perfect and good. The Ramayana, Mahabharatha and Bhagawatham - all teach good ideas. Develop love for god more and more. All else will follow. Then you can experience consciousness. Then you become God. Practise is needed for that experience.

So begin to practise. Even for small things, you have to practise. Then you become perfect. Otherwise, you make mistakes. The first step is to say, I am not animal, I am not demon - I am human. Become men first. Avatars have come to make humanity realise the divinity.

Be perfect as humans first. Accept and follow whatever God has said. Then the experience will come easily. If you follow bad, you become bad. Tell me your company and I shall tell you what you are. Now, do bhajans.


 Watch the video of Swami instructing a student to chant "Samastha Jeeva Sukhino Bhavantu"



As bhajans began, Swami asked for the prasadam to be distributed. After the aarthi was performed, the traditional, "Samastha Lokaha Sukhino Bhavanthu" was chanted. Swami instructed that, "Samastha Jeevaa Sukhino Bhavanthu", meaning "Let all the beings in all worlds be happy" should be chanted. That was done as He instructed and Swami blessed the assembly.


On His way to the car, Swami spoke briefly with the Maharashtra Chief Minister, Mr. Ashok Chavan. It was past 7:15 p.m. when He retired into Yajur Mandir. -

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Thou Art That..a Divine Reminder

A blissful evening at His Feet...Divine Discourse...Speeches

Posted at 12:20 Hrs. IST on 21st July 2009

True to the famous Bible saying, "The Lord makes poor and makes rich; He casts down, He also lifts high", in Prasanthi Nilayam, Bhagawan most unexpectedly makes what seem to be an ordinary day into a momentous day and He has His own wherewithal, supported by His Divine logic to bring in such an unexpected surprise, which could not be perceived by man’s blurred myopic vision.

19th July 2009, the day was Arudra, the auspicious Shivarathri of the Month, and the day was made most momentous when Bhagawan chose to deliver yet another Divine Discourse, off the cuff from the devotee’s point of view, dwelling on the most intricate of the spiritual subjects, Atma, Aham Brahmasmi, and Tat Twam Asi.

The surprise call came when Bhajan was on in full swing, as Bhagawan asked His translator Mr. Anil Kumar to address the concourse of devotees. Though caught unaware, Anil Kumar in a classic rhetoric demo gave a scintillating speech describing the being Sathya Sai Baba in “His own words”, dwelling on the higher spiritual principles Thatwam Asi and Aham Brahmasmi, before concluding talking on the significance of His Divine Darshan and greater importance of working towards nation building.

Starting off, quoting scriptural texts, Anil Kumar highlighted the purpose of Divine Incarnation saying that God comes down in human form to demonstrate the entire humanity as to how to be ideal and how to lead an exemplary life; awakening and kindling the latent divinity in us happens to be the main objective of Divine incarnation.

Illustrating beautiful examples from Bhagawan’s own Divine Discourses, he reiterated Bhagawan’s own teaching, saying that man has to realize that he is basically Divine. Referring to the greater spiritual formula, Tat Twam Asi, Anil Kumar dwelt upon Bhagawan’s Divine Discourse in Brindavan delivered way back in 1972 wherein Bhagawan spoke about the subject “Who is Sai Baba?” Sa (+) Amba (+) Shiva… Sa (Divine) (+) I (Mother) (+) Baba (Father) is Tat Twam Asi, that is SaiBaba… Similarly, when we reverse the term SAI into IAS it gives a beautiful definition, I (Aham) (+) S (Brahma) (+) A (Asi), meaning Aham Brahmasmi… I am Brahman… The Name Sathya has all the four Vedas in it, SA stands for Saama Veda, A stands for Athavana Veda, Ya stands for Yajur Veda and Sathya itself is Rigveda…

Quoting Bhagawan about His Avataric Mission Statement, Anil Kumar urged the vast concourse of devotees that, none of us are here on our own…it is He who has brought all of us here…it is merely His Will, mercy and compassion that brought all of us here…Bhagawan can accomplish anything and everything…He has come with a Divine Mission…He has come to help us in attaining liberation, for fulfillment of our own devotion, to make proper use of our Shakthi by making all of us worthy instruments in His Mission. We need to develop equanimity, composure, equal mindedness…pleasure and pains are two sides of the same coin, You cannot lead your life keeping pain on one side and pleasure on the other…both exists together…pleasure is an interval between two pains, said Anil Kumar.

All the Vedas, all the Upanishads, The Bhagavad Gita, all scriptures, The Holy Bible, and all other holy texts, …all of them are said in a simple, practical and easiest style by Bhagawan alone, …such that we practise, live, breath religion and find out our identity THATWAM ASI….declared Anil Kumar amidst thunderous applause. … All that we read in the stories, epics are realities today, reenacted today in His presence; realisation of the divinity within is the climax of spiritual pursuit…

With Reference to Divine Darshan, Anil Kumar explained, why some are having some experiences during darshan and some others not…we need to be the correct medium to pass the energy…His darshan is the Divine Energy…we are able to find our long lost self in Bhagawan during darshan…waiting for Bhagawan is meditation…having darshan of Bhagawan is receiving Divine energy…constant thought of Bhagawan is contemplation… we are able to find all these three in one, during Bhagawan’s Divine Darshan.

What would have happened to all of us, our lives, had we not been here…had we not seen or experienced Bhagawan? It is His compassion…deservedness that is granted, conferred upon us that enabled us to be here in His Divine Presence. He wants total development of our personality; being citizens of our country we need to be responsible; true heirs of United India (Akhanda Bharatha)…We need to love and work for our country; patriotism and love of our country is the hallmark of our lives...mother land is Divine…mother is Divine…mother tongue is Divine…Let’s all submit ourselves at the Lotus Feet of our Veda Matha, Loka Matha, Sai Matha...declared Anil Kumar ending his inspiring rhetoric excellence.

This was followed by a speech by former Vice Chancellor S.V.Giri…Catching up from Anil Kumar’s speech, Mr. Giri began with Tat Twam Asi divulging into the great good fortune that all (students) are fortunate to receive in His Divine Presence… Sitting close by, in a reverential mood, we are all prepared to listen and that is the great good fortune that all have been blessed with in Prasanthi Nilayam in His Divine Presence… absolute communion by simply being in His Presence. Quoting the illustrious story of Nachiketas who persistently aspired for the highest knowledge, Mr. Giri urged the students to attain mind control, an absolute necessity. What is pleasant to you at the moment is not what we should be looking for; but the more righteous should be aimed at; do not look for immediate pleasurable things, commit yourself to higher goals and perseverance coupled with patience will bring desired results, said the speaker exhorting to students to follow suit… Making a mention of Bhagawan’s often quoted subject, Unity, Purity and Divinity, Mr. Giri touched upon another favourite subject quite often heard in Prasanthi Nilayam, Love for God, Fear of Sin and Morality in Society, urging the students that once we have the basic purity achieved by discharging our duties in proper spirit, understanding the basic unity in the cosmos, we will finally end up attaining Divinity. Referring to the millions and millions who have been yearning to come over to Prasanthi Nilayam, without success, the speaker stressed on the greater importance of being in His Divine Presence. Mr. Giri concluded with few words on the supreme significance of Divine Darshan being conferred upon to all in Prasanthi Nilayam.

This was followed by Sathya Sai Speaks, an exhilarating Divine Discourse dwelling upon the greater principles of Atma and how Love for God is essential to understand and experience the bliss of Supreme Atma.

Gist of Divine Discourse: -

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Everyone, time and again ask me about the true nature of Atma; but it is not possible for everyone to understand the true nature of Atma. The nature and the glory of the Atma are beautifully expounded in the Upanishads. In fact, we find better exposition of the Atma in the Upanishads than in the Vedas. The Atma is extolled in fine phrases like Shabda Brahmamayi (embodiment of primordial sound), Characharamayi (embodiment of dynamism), Jyothirmayi (embodiment of Illumination) etc…
Atma is the source of everything. It is the fountainhead from which everything emanates. Atma is the fundamental source from which the principle of Buddhi, Manas, Chitta, Viveka, Vijnana etc. , take their origin.

Atma is not the combination of two syllables. It is essentially the embodiment of the principle of unity, which manifests in utterances like “All are one; be alike to everyone”. Atma is the Eternal Truth, which is the source, the sustenance and mergence.

The other names for Atma are “Om”, “Pranava”, “Brahman”, which expresses the formless aspect of Divinity, whereas Rama, Krishna, Shiva are manifestation of Divinity in name and form. Man has to engage himself in sadhana to grasp and experience Divinity. He has to go through the sadhana of concentration, contemplation and meditation. Concentration leads to contemplation and contemplation in its turn leads to meditation. One cannot engage Himself in meditation in the first attempt itself. You cannot meditate all of a sudden. You have to go through the three stages of concentration, contemplation and meditation. A sadhaka succeeds in his sadhana only by constant practice. It is only by constant practice mind becomes steady and enables the sadhaka to progress from concentration to meditation. But fickleness of mind is the cause for depression. It is only by cultivating a steady mind one can overcome depression. It is by nourishing constant integrated awareness alone one can experience the Bliss of the Atma.

Daiva Preeti (Love for God) is most essential to experience the Bliss of the Atma. It is by dint of “Daiva Preeti” and sadhana that one can experience the Supreme Atma. One should not fritter away the precious time in vain gossip. One should firmly believe in three things… I am of human nature…I am not of animal nature…I am Divine!!!

One should be nourishing these thoughts deep down in one’s personality and then alone one can experience Divinity. Daiva Preeti and Sadhana are most essential to achieve this. In fact, Avatars come for the purpose of enabling humanity to experience and achieve Divinity. That is the Mission of the Avatar.

Nothing happens without the Divine Will…And in Prasanthi Nilayam, no speaker shares the podium and divulges his thoughts without Bhagawan’s Will and Bhagawan never delivers a Divine Discourse, out of turn, without a Vision. Reminders if one could call them, the two speeches by the two senior spokesmen of Prasanthi Nilayam were real treats that served as reminders of the great good fortune conferred upon all those who bask in the Divine Aura of Prasanthi Nilayam and Bhagawan’s Divine Discourse served as a reaffirmation of what have been hearing from Him time and again.

..And the surprise did not end there...the Divine Discourse was followed by a Sarva Dharma Bhajan before Arathi was offered…After boys chanting the customary revised universal prayer, Samastha Lokaaha Sukhino Bhavanthu, Bhagawan whispered something on to a boy’s ear and what followed was a full throat chanting of a new Universal Prayer Samasthah Jeevaha Sukhino Bhavanthu…and the vast concourse of devotees repeated at full throat…Samasthah Jeevaha Sukhino Bhavanthu!! Still more to come…as per the Divine Command, the next morning, 20th July 2009, there was full throat Rudram chanting in the Mandir, for an hour from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. and the same to be continued in the evening from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m.

It is true, mortals may not understand and perceive the depths of His Divine Vision with our blurred myopic vision…He has a Mission to foster the Vedas and to protect His devotees those who are treading the righteous path…The Timeless Theater in Prasanthi Nilayam is sure to have much more coming up!

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