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I belong to you and you belong to Me. Understand and strengthen this relationship. This is My sole desire. - Sri Sathya Sai Baba

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Sathya Sai Speaks Vol. 1 - first discourse

1. Maanasa Bhajare

WHEN I was at Uravakonda studying in the High School, you
know I came away one day and threw off my books and declared
that I have My work waiting for Me. The Thelugu
described the incident of that evening to you all in his speech. Well,
that day when I came out publicly as Sai Baaba, that first song I
taught the gathering in the garden to which I went from the
house was:
"Maanasa bhajare guru charanam
Dhusthara bhava saagara tharanam"
I called on all those suffering in the endless round of birth and
death to worship the Feet of the
(spiritual preceptor), the
that was announcing Himself, who had come again for taking upon
Himself the burden of those who find refuge in Him. That was the
very first Message of Mine to
"Worship in the mind!" I do not need your flower garlands and
fruits, things that you get for an anna or two; they are not
genuinely yours. Give Me something that is yours, something which
is clean and fragrant with the perfume of virtue and innocence, and
washed in the tears of repentance! Garlands and fruits you bring as
items in the show, as an exhibition of your devotion; poorer
devotees who cannot afford to bring them are humiliated and they
feel sorry that they are helpless; they cannot demonstrate their
devotion in the grand way in which you are doing it. Install the Lord
in your heart and offer Him the fruits of your actions and the flowers
of your inner thoughts and feelings. That is the worship I like most,
the devotion I appreciate most.
Re-education of man persists in all eras
In shops, things are kept in separate packets and each one
specialises in some particular article or sets of articles. But in an
Exhibition, hundreds of shops join to make all varieties of things
available and there is a great deal of window-dressing, arrangement
and display. I have been all these days generally giving individual
advice, like the packets available in shops and giving answers to
individual questions. This 'speech' today, is a new experience for
you. I am addressing a
today; but even though it may be
new to you, for Me it is not new. I have given advice to large
gatherings before, though not in this Appearance. Whenever
(formless) becomes
(one with form), it has to
fulfil the Mission and it does so in various ways. But the one
purpose, the re-education of Man persists, whatever the
The first sixteen years of this Life have been, as I have often
told you, the period when
Baala leela
(divine child sport)
predominated and the next sixteen is being spent mostly in
(miracles) in order to give
(joy) to this
generation. Joy and contentment are short-lived sensations; you
have to catch that mood and make it a permanent possession:
(bliss). After the thirty-second year, you will see Me
active more and more in the task of
(spiritual instruction)-
--teaching erring humanity and in directing the World along the path
Sathya, Dharma, Shaanthi
(Truth, Righteousness,
Peace and Love).
Not that I am determined to exclude
My activity after that. I only mean that re-establishing
correcting the crookedness of the human mind and guiding
humanity back to
Sanaathana Dharma
(eternal universal religion)
will be My task thereafter.
Do not be led away by doubt and vain argument; do not
question how and whether I can do all this. The cowherds of
Brindhaavan also doubted whether the little boy who grew in their
midst could lift Govardhanagiri and hold it aloft! The thing needed is
Faith, and yet more Faith.
Secret of Spiritual Success
Once Krishna and Arjuna were going together along the open
road. Seeing a bird in the sky, Krishna asked Arjuna, "Is that a
dove?" He replied, "Yes, it is a dove." He asked Arjuna, "Is it an
eagle?' Arjuna replied promptly, "Yes, it is an eagle." "No, Arjuna, it
looks like a crow to Me. Is it not a crow?" asked Krishna. Arjuna
replied, "I am sorry, it is a crow beyond doubt."
Krishna laughed and chided him for his agreeing to whatever
suggestion was given. But Arjuna said, "For me, your Words are far
more weighty than the evidence of my eyes; you can make it a
crow, a dove or an eagle and when you say it is a crow, it must be
one." Implicit faith is the secret of spiritual success.
The Lord loves, not the
(devotee) but his
remember. The Lord's Grace is like rain, pure water, falling equally
everywhere; but its taste gets changed according to the soil through
which it flows. So also the Lord's words are sweet to some, bitter to
others. The Lord's ways are mysterious; He blessed Vidhura with the
words, "Be destroyed" and Dhusshaasana with the words, "Live for
a thousand years;" He meant that Vidhura's 'I' will be destroyed and
that the wicked Dhusshaasana will have to suffer the ills and
tribulations of this world for ten centuries. You do not know the real
reasons behind the actions of the Lord. You cannot understand the
motives of other men who are almost like you in everything,
actuated by the same motives and having the same likes and
dislikes! But yet, how easily you discover the motives of One who is
far, far above the level of Man! How glibly you talk and judge of
something that is as strange to you as atmosphere to a fish!
Pains indicate birth of new life
There are four types of persons; the 'dead,' who deny the
Lord and declare that they alone exist, independent, free, self-
regulating and self-directed; the 'sick,' who call upon the Lord when
some calamity befalls them or when they feel temporarily deserted
by the usual sources of succour; the 'dull,' who know that God is
eternal companion and watchman, but who remember it only off
and on when the idea is potent and powerful; and lastly, the
'healthy,' who have steady faith in the Lord and who live in His
comforting creative presence always.
You proceed from 'death' to 'life' and from 'illness' to 'health'
by the experience of the buffetings of the World. The World is a
very essential part of the curriculum of man; through the agony of
One wish leads to another; one bond brings about ten others.
It is in the very nature of human desire; for, the joy one gets
through its satisfaction is imperfect, limited, temporary, pregnant
with grief.
You sow bitter seeds and pray for a harvest of sweetness. You
wail over the soil, the plant, the rain. What can they do? The seeds
themselves are diseased, defective.
Shri Sathya Sai