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The study of the birth chart of Sri Sathya Sai Baba...

Sai Baba's 500-year old horoscope    

Astrological Birth Chart of SAI BABA     PROPHESIES

The first evidence is that of the ancient Jyotish Shastra enumerating the principles of astrology. The position of the ascendant in the lagna, the nakshatras and other major planets or constellations at the nativity time of the subject is supposed to be very crucial and significant in determining the life and character of the subject. The study of the birth chart of Sri Sathya Sai Baba reveals the nature and quality of his divine descent. Born in Akshaya Kartik when as many as four powerful planets were staying in conjunction in the ascendant. The combination of Sun, Saturn, Venus and Mercury indicated beyond any shadow of doubt the advent of a Maha Purush, a great being or an avatar was born as the very quintessence of Light and Love in order to herald a golden era for humanity. The advent of the Sai Avatar had been prophesied thousands of years ago in the Upanishads as also in Bhrigu Samhita, Nadi documents scribbled on palm leaves by ancient sages and seers and in Satcharitragrantham, the repository of ancient wisdom. These priceless records describe the divine attributes of Sai Baba whose principal task is dharma paripalan, paropkar and bhakta samrakshan. He has laghima, anima and mahimas, the power to shower grace and splendour. He is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. It is also predicted that his powers would increase tenfold at the time of pralaya, calamity and dissolution. He will show himself at many places as column of light and perform many divine manifestations like keeping an airplane airborne without petrol. Finally, it is mentioned that he will unfurl a dharma dhwaza after the completion of his avataric mission at Whitefield, Bangalore. It is difficult for us to disbelieve all these predictions. From the recorded evidence of so many miraculous manifestations of the omnipresence and omniscience of Baba and his Christ-like power of resurrecting the dead, multiplying the quantity of food etc., one is inclined to believe in the divine advent of Sai Baba.

However, the greatest achievement of Sai Baba is to turn people Godward and plant in the human hearts the seed of faith and impregnate those hearts with the elixir of pure, selfless love and thus bring about the transformation of hearts.

Another strong evidence of Baba's divinity comes from an entirely different source,  Frank Varoneshky, a professor at the University of Arizona, U.S.A., who has earned the distinction of being an undisputed expert in the study of the halo or aura that surrounds the faces of individuals. He has the privilege of studying the aura on the faces of eminent individuals in all walks of life. According to him, the attendant aura speaks volumes about the character and personality of the subject. Whereas the aura round the faces of ordinary mortals is, more or less, non­descript, null and void, the aura encircling the face of a superhuman person or an avatar is expansive and its lustre extends up to the sky which is limitless. Professor Varoneshky was bewildered and enthralled to see the aura round the face of Sai Baba. According to him, it was a white and pink aura of the colour of love. This aura became golden like sun and turned into blue colour, which is the colour of love when the Majans were being sung. Professor Varoneshky suggests that this aura signified the boundless energy of love and he has no hesitation in saying that aura wise Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai was God, the diamond like brilliance of his eyes expressing the unfathomable depth of his love.

The personal experiences of many a devotee richly substantiate this aspect of Sai Baba, the dramatic operative principle of his divinity manifested as a Ray from the Supreme. The present author himself experienced the surge of waves and waves of unearthly light emanating from the eyes of Sri Sathya Sai Baba on that fateful day of summer, 1973 as he stood face to face with Baba in an attic room by the side of the interview room. It was not only ecstasy, but also sublimity that filled the vessel of his being. The author still recapitulates that moment of epiphany, akin to the intersection time when one is very near illumination and experiences the process of being burnt out.

An American devotee Jack Scher records his intimate experience of his first encounter with Sai Baba in images of poetry. He says:

One personal leela was my discovery that during bhajans I could close my eyes and suddenly the whole scene I had been watching turned into beautiful shades of intense rose, pink, mauve and orange. At first I thought it was an after image but the scene kept changing. The audience would fade and I'd see huge palaces with gigantic walls and turrets. When Baba came outside, I could close my eyes and the whole scene would turn into a soft and yet vivid pink. He lit the sky with his presence. We are aware that in some of the materializations, specially photographs and cards, there is the imprint of three words : T.P.S. -Howard Murphet records in one of his books, Sai Baba: Avatara. Baba answered his query and explained the fact that T.P.S. was his trade mark. It meant Tara Parthi Sai. We can conjecture that it also might mean Tara Patri Sai and Tara Prema Sai. The direct apocalyptic experience of Pauline Kirby is strange and unique as she visualizes the descent of a star on the Good Friday day of 1977 that transformed her life and left an indelible imprint on her mind. That is how she describes the descending of the Holy Spirit from the Sky as Sri Sathya Sai Baba:  

After spending a very lovely evening in attunement ... with God and Nature, I retired to my room. It just so happened that this particular room had a skylight so I could look up and gaze at the star-lit sky ... I looked up at the skylight; and suddenly a star started coming down from the heavens. It streaked across the sky getting brighter and brighter and continued right on through the window, entering directly into my room. It was awesome. I was utterly stunned and amazed ... Almost instantaneously my room shone with a very strong light. Everything seemed so clear and beautiful. It was totally overpowering. I was in a complete state of awe and wonderment. I remember saying, 'Is this happening to me? Is this a dream? Am I asleep but I was totally awake and my mind was perfectly clear. Yes, it was really happening ... The star then began to flash various streams of light, and all these flashed before my eyes, I heard a very loving voice giving me clear directions about my life. The messages were very simple, and there was no doubt in my mind that this was guidance from above ... The voice also told me to become a vegetarian, become celibate, and begin to worship God. Later when I came to Sai Baba, I realized that these were his exact teachings ... The star stayed with me for quite some time. The flashes of light and the voice all happened in a very synchronized pattern, like an orchestra playing a symphony around the cosmic dance of life ... yes, I realized there is really a God, and he is directing every move of my life ... Sometime during the star's presence, I remember feeling very afraid, and immediately the image of climbing up and downstairs came into my mind. To me, go down meant to descend into darkness and the unknown, while to go up meant to follow the light and to know what the real Truth is. I now realize how similar this insight was to Asatoma prayer of Sai devotees: Lead me from the unreal to the real; lead me from darkness to light; lead me from death to immortality. Even then, Baba was imparting one of his essential teachings. Soon I started reading about Sathya Sai Baba and the very first book, Vision of the Divine, disclosed Swami's trademark, T.P.S. It means Tara (Star), Puttaparthi in the form of Sathya. Then I realized it was he who had come as that wonderful star; it was he who had descended into my world on Good Friday night; it was he who hadcompletely changed my life.

Thus, it is clear from the vivid and authentic experience of Pauline Kirby that she, like William Wordsworth, had the intimations of immortality on the night of Good Friday, which transformed her life and brought her into the orbit of Sri Sathya Sai Baba and nearly made her an apostle of Christ. She may not be Paul, but her name has the implicit suggestion of its derivation from the name of the great apostle. The star symbol is extremely relevant in this context. It encloses within it the power, majesty and brilliance of that perpetual star which God is.

It may also be noted that the account of Pauline Kirby, describing the descent of the Holy Spirit, is essentially poetic. Verily it is through poetic perception and imagination that such a tenuous experience as the vision of the divine can be grasped and communicated. In this connection, one is tempted to quote the poem of Professor V.K. Gokak a noted Karmad and Indian English poet in which he envisions Sai Baba as 'a lawn of blue light'.  

Baba is a lawn of blue light
With a May flower on top of his hair
And a golden lily on his cranium.
He is the healer of a world in pain,
The blue-throated God  
That drinks the poison of its suffering  
To make it happy and whole.  

Sai Baba's 500-year old horoscope    

Astrological Birth Chart of SAI BABA     PROPHESIES


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