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Sharing three more experiences in today's post describing abundant grace of Lord Sai Baba.

Sai Devotee experience
Sai Sister Rekha Ji from India says: I am Rekha hailing from Bangalore. After a very long time, I visited Shirdi. Last month, I had gone with my father, sister and brothers, but I had only one Darshan and that too in the morning Kakad Arathi.

This time, I went with my friends and had a wonderful experience. I visited the Mandir, where I had only Darshan, but to my notice, I found that the trust people were allowing people to touch the Samadhi. I was on the other side where I could not touch Samadhi. I and my friend were totally disappointed and came out. The moment I came out, an old lady, where she could not even put a step forward, hold mine and my friendís hands and asked to take to Baba for a Darshan. I knew something strange is happening and I could feel that BABA is walking with me. With great difficulty, the old lady took steps upto Samadhi and had Darshan. And she walked out and we made her sit in a place. She blessed us whole heartedly and I too bowed to her feet seeking her blessings. She blessed us with all the love and care and I was really thrilled. She said somebody is coming to take her as they had gone for Darshan. At this time, I and my friend stood in the line for UDI. And it was not even 5 minutes, I was thrilled again to come and see the old lady. But to my notice, I could not see old lady and was wondering how fast she could go, where she could not even step a little forward. I knew this. Baba was with us and I really wanted to share this experience with.

Jai Baba. You are always with us caring loving and advice us to go in right path. I bow to You my lord. Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.



SAI 'S Amazing Leela Shows What We Deserve In Our Life
Sai Sister Laxmi Ji from USA says: Dear Hetal Ji, I am from USA and posting my experience second time. I want to share SAI MA Leela, when I was deeply disappointed.

Thanks a lot for your wonderful contribution for this site. I would like to share one of Baba's Leelas, which I experienced recently.

When I was traveling from New York to Boston by train, I forgot my wallet which has My Debit card, Credit Card, Driver's license and $300 cash and got down from the train. As I needed to reach office early I didnít realize that I forgot my wallet in train. I reached office and needed to pay the cab and I noticed that I didnít have my wallet. By Baba's grace one of my colleagues helped me to pay the fare. But I was deeply hurt and feeling bad that I lost my card s and $300 cash. Immediately I called Debit and credit card companies and blocked my cards. Still I was hurt that why it was happened to me. I never forgot or lost my money. I asked Baba why it's happened to me. I couldn't even apply for a duplicate Driver's license as I donít have validity and my visa extension is under progress. That evening, I called my mother and cried to her that I lost my cards and money. Internally I had a thought that probably Baba helped somebody with my money, who might badly need that. But I worried a lot for my Driver's license that is the one and only one identity proof I had. I asked Baba again that I was deeply hurt and prayed HIM to bring my wallet back to me. Very next day morning, I got a call from Credit Card Company and informed me that one German guy found my wallet in the train and want to send that one to me. I couldnít believe that and shocked for a while. I requested them to send it to my home address. I thanked Baba for answering my mother and my prayers.

After two days, I received my cards except cash. I was bit disappointed, but my husband said the same what I thought earlier that Baba helped somebody with that money. I got relaxed as it was all Baba's Leela. Baba knows what to give and what not to give. Hope that money was not misused and was given to the person who needs it. I trust Baba. HE takes care of everything. I am very happy that it's proved again Baba never leaves HIS devotees and our prayers never go unanswered.




Baba Experience
Sai Sister Mamta Ji from India says: Om Sai Ram Hetal Ji. I am Mamta Batra from Yamuna Nagar, Haryana, India. Thanks for giving us a platform to share our experiences and to be close to Sai more. It definitely increases our faith in Baba. Today Baba wants me to share my feelings. Please amend/edit it wherever necessary. Here it goes.

I thank Baba as He came in my life. I donít know how Baba came in my life and I started worshiping Him. I remember that in year 2008, I visited Delhi in summer vacation at my parental home and I got a chance to visit Sai Temple situated in Rohini, New Delhi. It is a very beautiful Sai Temple. There I felt peace of mind and I felt that I should not have come back from the temple, when I stood in front of Sai Baba and my eyes were full of tears. From that time onwards, I started believing in Sai Baba. Before that I only bow to Him as other deities.

Every Tuesday, I often visit Jungla Wale Mata Jiís Mandir situated in Yamuna Nagar. Once, there I saw a small Sai Babaís picture and I purchased it from a vendor standing outside the temple. I kept that picture in my room and every day I started to worship it with Dhoop and reading Sai Chalisa. It gave me immense pleasure and peace of mind. Then onwards my good time had started that I didnít realized then that it is only because of Baba. We had able to purchase our own house and build it as well. When we shifted to our new house I joined a job also (after ten years of my marriage). That was only possible with Babaís grace. Now, every Thursday, I go to Sai Temple situated near my house and if I canít go there, it seems I have missed something. I want to thank Sai Baba for being in my life and helping me in solving all problems of my family. I love Him more than anything and am sure He is always there to take care of our needs. Baba, You always took care of us in the past and I have faith that You will look after us in future too.

Sai Baba has made impossible things possible for me. He granted my wishes and itís because of His grace that I got a good job in reputed college of the City. I have utmost faith in Baba. He has done lot of miracles in my life and I request Him to be with us always. Whenever I face a problem I always remember Him, chant His name and He immediately took me out from the problems.

Six months back, I lost my gold earring while sleeping. In the morning, I was shocked, when I did not find it. I prayed to Baba to help me in searching it. I searched everywhere in my room, on my bed, my clothes, but I could not find it. Then I cried before the Sai ďBaba, please help me. Why does this happen to me again and again?Ē My family members often say that gold does not suit me and every time I lose it. I prayed to Baba to help me. Suddenly, after a few seconds, I found my earring, which fell down from my hair on the floor. This was possible only with the blessings of Shri Sai. Please Baba always be with me and my family.

I urge all Sai devotees do not lose your faith in Baba. Keep ďShradhaĒ and ďSaburiĒ, it works. Om Sai Ram

Submitted to SBOI-Group by Hetal Patil Rawat