headSai Baba Of India-Questions & Answers
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Q:When & where was Sai Baba born?                                                                       
Q: Which year The old Mandir at Puttaparthi village was set up?                   
Q: On which date the announcement: "I am Sai Baba." made?                       
Q: The First bhajan song by Sai Baba?                                                                      
Q: Date& Year of Historic letter to his brother?                                                           
Q: Date of inauguration of Prasanthi Nilayam?                                                     
Q:  Planting of Vatavriksha (Meditation tree). ?                                             
Q: Sai Baba announces that He is Shiva-Shakthi Swaroopa -date/Year?         
Q: Establishment of Ashram at Brindavan. Year?