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Workshop with a group in Puttaparthi

Professor Anil Kumar gave a talk.

Singing is a prayer and a heart to heart communication with the Divine
Singing is prayer; singing is poetry singing is a prose. God is poetry God is a song, God is music but life is prose. So when you sing you make life into poetry. Music and poetry will make our life interesting and dynamic. It is something like the flow of a river; an invitation, a prayer and communication with God. A life without music is dry and lifeless. In Bhajan and music we sing from our heart and the words we express is a love poem to God.
Sentimental love is beautiful but when love is expressed it sometimes loses its strength and beauty. Words separate you and are dependent on articulation and mutual understanding. Words speak from our knowledge and if words are born from the head it can become egoistic; if words are born out of our heart it becomes music or poetry. All words coming from the heart will meet other hearts; words coming from the head will meet other heads. The speaker or the singer becomes the song or the words, it is a union with the inner and outer truth which can reach far and be felt by many.
Communication is necessary in full awareness and understanding of its limitations and parameters. Communication is necessary in its full awareness of its limits. All that we have cannot be expressed and all that we communicate may not be true. Why? Because truth cannot be communicated, love cannot be communicated, peace cannot be communicated, so love peace and truth are experiential, they are existential but not communicated.
In life we are forced to talk, express and use words but if we have inner silence our words will have a deeper quality and a deeper strength. If we manage to speak from a silent state, speak from a wordless state we will experience the truth. Between the words truth is manifested and love will express itself. As long as we are busy using words, love, peace and truth are hidden. When we are silent in our mind and expression, love peace and truth come out openly. The flowering and blossoming of love and peace will happen between the words and expressions and the fruition of bliss happens. Communicate my friends, but be aware that words are not total in its depth and content. All that is in our heart cannot be put into words.
In music and poetry we can get a stronger feeling of love and peace and in silence the full harvest. In music and silence there is no duality where as in communication there is duality, the listener and the speaker in Divine music has the potential to become one with the song. Worldly music goes to our head and nourishes our ego; Divine music goes to our heart and nourishes our soul. The science of the soul is religion, the science of the mind is psychology and the science of the body is medicine.
The Divine energy is everywhere and wherever we are we can recall the feeling of Divine energy in our heart. God is present in your heart, available to you by a mere call, prayer or Bhajan. Sometimes when we are away from our loved ones, we start missing them thinking more of them and the energy and focus get stronger because we do not see them on a regular basis and it also becomes stronger when we see them after a long time of absence. When we physically do not see our beloved Baba we start to see Him from within and start to have union within. When you see Him outside communication is the relationship. Communion is silent, communication is verbal. Yes it is very important to experience the Divine everywhere, in fact where else can we experience Him.
When prayer and inner union is strong we get immediate help and guidance or immediate answers to any question we send to Him. That is why it is said knock and the door shall be opened. Ask and answer shall be given.

Q: Yesterday in Baba’s Discourse He said we are creating our own world through our own thoughts, actions and reaction and Baba is not doing what we think He is doing.

Anil Kumar: Usually people turn to religion, different churches, mosques and temples and run after Masters to escape personal responsibility. People want to blame someone else, and someone else to look after your responsibilities. Man wants someone to do according to his wishes and take care of him no matter the pleasure or pain. But the truth is a Divine being reflects, that is all. We have to act positively to change the world for the better
When you own the responsibility you do not have to go anywhere. O God forgives my sins, meaning you want Him to take responsibility to clear you from all your sins. O, God help me in this way or that way; you want Him to come to your help. All this is not totally spiritual, when I own the responsibility for the good and the bad, I am responsible then everything is fine.
When one goes to Baba one should go with faith compassion and love; and if one has doubts one should pray to God to remove them. Whatever an Avatar is doing has its reasons and ordinary mortals should not try to analyze it.

Q: When is God interfering in our lives?

Anil Kumar:His job and interfering in our life is to make sure we cannot escape the consequences or the results of our actions. If I commit a crime I cannot run away from the punishment. On the other hand if I did something good I cannot avoid facing good results. God’s role is to see that things reach you at the right time through reactions reflection and resound. He will himself see that you get the good results as a result of your good actions and He will see that you cannot run away from bad results if you commit bad actions. He will be the witness and encourage you to understand and grow from all life situations we are in as human beings.
We receive what we give. Baba wants to teach us how to give. We cannot escape the law of karma. As we sow, so shall we reap. If you hate someone unjustly, God will see that you are also hated by someone else to balance out your karma. If we destroy nature, nature will destroy us.
The role of devotion is to get the strength and courage to withstand all kinds of reactions and actions, up’s and downs from outside and from inside. We should pray for that, O Lord give me the courage to face all that I need to experience to become worthy of being at the feet of You.
No Avatar shows their trump cards to us as an open book or as we will, which is a part of the game. He says He is not doing anything He is playing the role of an innocent child not to embarrass us or let us know He knows our bad thoughts and behaviors. “Treat man greatly and he will show himself great. Baba”

Q: Where and when is Grace coming in to our life?

Anil Kumar: Grace will help you to cut short the intensity and period of Karma. Baba said it can be like a pain killer in time of need. Baba also said many times that all incarnations are the same divinity, only physical expression is different. If we do not understand this principle, we will be confused in our path of spirituality.
Let the change come spontaneously as a result of following the path of righteous living. RamaKrishna said: there is no need to leave anything, things will leave you. When the right time comes one will automatically become non-attached.

Q: Swami has said we will only come to Him if He wants it, how to understand that in that context?

Anil Kumar: His will is to keep me here and His will is to keep me somewhere else, is the same thing. The coin has two sides, both is according to His will. As a paradox God is everything and nothing at the same time, fullness and emptiness, the sun and the moon, the darkness and the light. God allows a lot of distressing experiences for mankind. When we are heated to the core and desperately crave for self-realization it is easy for God to grant us transformation; everything is His plan, only we do not know it out of ignorance. When we realize that our will is not done and we are a limited being through failure in different parts of life, we surrender to the will of God.

Q: We have heard that the time might be difficult in the future?

Anil Kumar: Baba said that those who pray properly to God will survive the calamity. Love is the most important thing. We are all equal despite the country we come from, we are all a unity. We must shed all jealousy and envy because they are harmful. We are all one with each other and with God. Seva and service will pacify any difficulties. Baba says; Love is my form and it is love alone that can change this world. It is also said that happiness is union with God, so be happy.
Thank you Sai Ram


Prof. Anil Kumar (India)

Prof. in Bioscience at Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning.

He has authored many books on Sathya SaiBaba, he writes articles in Sanathana Sarathi.

Prof. Anil Kumar gives a spiritual talk every Sunday in Prasanthi Nilayam.

Groups from all over India and around the world often request him for extra talks.  Well known as the translator of Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s discourses.


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Sai Baba latest darshan news, photos, updates and more...
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