Sathya Sai Baba 's visit to Pune Mumbai - Hadshi Temple Panduranga Kshetra
Welcoming the Lord back to Prasanthi

2nd Nov. 2009 - Day 6

The Return of The Lord

Sathya Sai Baba 's visit to Pune Mumbai - Hadshi Temple Panduranga Kshetra




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1st November, 2009 - Jamboori Maidan Worli, Mumbai & Brabourne Stadium, CCI, Mumbai

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Photos Day 6


Photos Bhagawan's Departure from Mumbai


A) Photos Bhagawan's Departure from Mumbai

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B)  Swami's arrival in Puttaparthi

The Return of The Lord

Posted at 17:00 Hrs. IST on 3rd Nov 2009
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Welcoming the Lord back to Prasanthi is never an ordinary occasion, rather is a momentous occasion to reconnet, for Prasanthi or Puttaparthi can never bear the pangs of separation from ‘her’ Beloved. This is the history of her very existence and the existence is the Divine Being Himself, but for whose presence the spiritual township goes barren.

This time the ‘gap’ was just less than a week, precisely six days, and Prasanthi was ever jubilant with floating devotees making life active. Watching over the activities at Pune and Mumbai, Prasanthi has been updating the events of her Beloved and eagerly awaiting the day, 2nd November to dawn faster.

Roads were yet again spruced up to welcome the Lord, with banners and flower decorations heralding the “Advent” of the Divine. Linking to Mumbai news updates were pouring in hinting at the exact hour of Divine arrival. Entire Airport vicinity was spruced up to welcome the Divine and escort vehicles were set in position well in advance.

Behind the panoramic blue skies with golden sun dotting prominently as if awaiting to receive The Lord, while waning to dusk, the scene was perfect for the Majestic Lord’s Air Chariot to touch down. And dotting in the sky,

precisely couple of minutes after the clock ticked five, the tiny birdlike air-chariot, Jet Airliner Boeing 737-700 grew larger in proportion, finally touching down the tarmac of the Sri Sathya Sai Airport at 5:04 p.m. after a more than an hour air sojourn from Mumbai to Puttaparthi.

Bhagawan was received by the Secretary of Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust, Sri K. Chakravarthi along with other officials including Airport Director, Capt. Sharma joined by hundreds of eagerly expectant devotees waiting

outside for a glimpse of the Lord. …And the special guest showed up at the Airport to receive the Master was the little Sathya Geeta, Bhagawan’s pet elephant who was at her best exuberance playing pranks. Arathi was offered to Bhagawan before He proceeded to Ashram. The entire aircrew was blessed by Bhagawan before leaving the airport precincts.

Enroute to Prasanthi, covering the three kilometer road stretch, it was celebration all over, with hundreds lined up at vantage points to have a glimpse of The Lord on His return journey. There were many a folded hand, there were flower showers with colourful petals strewn at the “Divine Chariot”, there were arathi offerings, there were coconut breakings and there were another hundreds silently glancing at Him,

 all in merriment of His return. . The journey took almost half an hour with Bhagawan reaching the precincts of Prasanthi Nilayam just after 5:30 for a traditional welcome led by Veda chanting and flag bearing university and school students. Heaps of flowers strewn on the windshield was reminiscent of the merriment

of the occasion and behind the beauty of these flowers was hiding the beautiful charming Lord of Puttaparthi.

Bhajans were going on and welcoming the Lord they sang…Swagatam, Swagatam… Sri Sathya Sai Swagatham!

Upon arriving, the compassionate Lord came for a full round in the car through the gents’ side. For a brief three bhajan sessions The Lord appeared on the dais before calling for Arathi.

Earlier, back in Mumbai, after an extremely long and busy Sunday, the proceedings on the 2nd of November morning was restricted to the Dharmakshetra premises. The old students of Bhagawan from Mumbai had made a short video documentary depicting the evolution of Dharmakshetra. Bhagawan watched the film in Sathya Deep and blessed all the old students and posed for photographs. These grateful students had a prayer to Bhagawan to visit Mumbai frequently.

This was followed by a visit to Shanti Deep, the Bhajan Hall, where Bhagawan blessed many an active workers who were involved in the backstage preparation connected to Bhagawan’s visit. This was followed by a short Bhajan session at Jalan Mandap after which Bhagawan accepted Aarathi and retired to Sathya Deep.

...And the the schedule hour arrived Dharmakshetra was preparing herself for the pangs of separation that she had endured many a time over the past. Recollecting the parting moments, we have a narration by an active volunteer, Aazmeen Kasad, an Advocate at Mumbai High Court and a Professor of Law, who had been reporting the events from Mumbai during the visit.

"At close to about 2 pm, Dharmakshetra witnessed a frenzy of activity and movement, after a brief pause for lunch prasadam which was partaken by one and all who had gathered for the morning darshan in Satyadeep, Shantideep and the Jalan Mandap. Bhagawan had disappointed no one. This despite the fact that His past two days’ schedule had been a physically hectic and demanding one, it seemed as if He was willing to fulfil the requests of each and every devotee and make up for the drought of His Divine Darshan that Mumbai had experienced over the past nine years.

As the luggage of His guests and students was seen being loaded in the tempos that were there at Dharmakshetra, the message seemed to sink in, that after a glorious 48 hours of bliss and incessant activity, Dharmakshetra would be shortly bidding her Master farewell.

As the guests and the students’ cars started slowly leaving the gates of Dharmakshetra, onwards to the Mumbai airport, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra arrived to personally escort Bhagawan to the airport.

The devotees’ hearts were already saddened by the awareness that Bhagawan would shortly be leaving their city to head back to the abode of Eternal Peace. They lined up on both sides of the pathway to get their one last Darshan in Mumbai.

Soon at about 2.45pm, Bhagawan’s car left the gates of Satyadeep, down the long, slope of Dharmakshetra, followed by His convoy of over 15 cars heading to Chatrapathi Shivaji International Airport . His smiling face as He gave His last darshan in Mumbai was the sole consolation to many a weeping heart and eye gathered there. Mumbai’s devotees felt a vacuum and Dharmakshetra bore a desolate look. A huge silence hung in the air and the only prayer on all lips was for Swami to come back soon again!"

Bhagawan arrived at the Airport at 0315 Hrs. escorted by the Chief Minister. ...And The Divine Chariot lifted off at around 3:55 p.m. bidding farewell to Mumbai City...


Photos Bhagawan's Departure from Mumbai




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Sri_Sathya_Sai_Pandurang_Kshetra - Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Visit to State of Maharashtra
Photos - Sai Baba Visit to Pune -Hadshi - Mumbai & Return Back to Parthi



Yes, The Lord returned to Prasanthi, but not before leaving "Himself" at Pune and Mumbai, etched in the hearts of thousands upon thousands. Reflecting the upbeat mood during His presence and the vacuum after His departure, an active worker commented: Mumbai has had a drought of His darshan for 9 years and we thought

of making up for all that lost time…we practically made Him live the life of a Mumbaikar. We work sixteen hours on an average but Bhagawan works incessantly. Yes, He works incessantly…and He loves us abundantly…It was His overpowering love for Mumbai that was seen in action for the last three days and Mumbai literally basked in His glory and so was the Sai Fraternity!!!

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Also read eye witness account of Swami's arrival submitted by a devotee to SBOI group


Swami's arrival in Puttaparthi :

"Om Sairam Dearest Sai Family, It was beautiful atmosphere in Parthi since the sun rise. Every one seemed very happy. Swami after successfully completing His 5 day tour to the Pune and Mumbai landed in Parthi at 5:05 pm amidst thousands of eagerly waiting devotees. Puttaparthi which seemed to switch to Tamasic mode in Swami's absence got into Satvic mode the very moment our Beloved Lord landed in His Parthi airport. The Jet Airways flight carrying His chosen ones landed at Parthi airport. Thousands of devotees lined up on either side of the roads.

Many devotees were waiting for Swami since 2pm bearing the scorching sun. When it comes to Swami, nothing matters.

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As soon as Swami landed, the lift was ready and Swami drove slowly blessing His devotees and after two bhajans, Arathi was given to Swami. Another attraction was the little Sathya Geetha which was brought to the airport. It was seen screaming and jumping in joy after seeing Swami. Because of her age probably, it seemed bit mischievous, on the way back, it was plucking all the mango toranams which were tied on either side of the road and after Swami's car left it was the turn of the little children to play with her.

It was great to see Parthi back in action after the arrival of HOLY SON OF THIS HOLY SOIL..
With Pranams at the Lotus feet of our beloved Lord..." Submitted by a Sai devotee to
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Sri_Sathya_Sai_Pandurang_Kshetra - Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Visit to State of Maharashtra
Photos - Sai Baba Visit to Pune -Hadshi - Mumbai & Return Back to Parthi

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