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Thursday Divine Darshan Video Index (Archive)


Thursday Darshan Video - #2

 Sai Love 02:

Sri Sathya Sai Baba Darshan at Brindavan Whitefield Bangalore 1986

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"Thursday Divine Darshan"
Short darshan Video Clip every Thursday

Darshan - 02

When the compassionate Lord chose to move amidst us... even as He glided past us and before us, He silently slipped into our hearts too! The eyes that were intoxicated with the beauty of His Darshan and never satiated, unknowingly then, turned within in search of that divine glimpse. Isn't that how He purified us, isn't that how He made us seekers? That was the magic of our Sai's Darshan!

Looking at Swami we wondered, was He more gracious or more graceful... nay He is verily grace itself - when He walks, when He talks, when He scolds, or when he gathers His robe's folds, when he smiles and beckons or in disappointment frowns... Seeing His grace our hearts gaped, 'How could one be so very graceful?' He could be, because He was as gracious as He was graceful, and to shower His grace was the very purpose of His presence. Darshan was that special moment when He allowed us to witness His gracefulness and graciousness.
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